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If Nobody In Italy Wants To Make Pizza, We Wonder If This Will Force A 30 Days Or It’s Free Policy…

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

CNBC reports that despite having the worst unemployment record in two decades, Italy has a shortage of 6,000 pizza-makers, that it is having trouble filling!

3 Pizza-Related Shortages We Do Not Want To See!

1. A shortage of items to stuff Pizza Hut crusts with. Cheese! Hot Dogs! More pizzas like a Russian Matryoshka doll! We just hope the madness never ends!

2. A shortage of Dr. Oetker products. Dr. Oetker provides frozen pizzas in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom and luxury hotels elsewhere. We don’t know whether the Doc had a Ph.D or medical license, or even why being a doctor is necessary for frozen pizza products, but if you test us with a shortage, we will ask to see your license, Doctor!

3. A shortage of junk mail related to discounts on delivery pizza! This is a waste of paper that could be used to stuff the crusts of cheap pizzas!

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