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If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love.

By Colloquial Wordsmiths
The nectar of her voice  for me was a dulcet ale. For the first time in my life, my heart said she’s your River-dale. a a I can’t define her beauty, in my words. Because it can’t be captured ;  in those some lines of, my picturesque verse. a a Surely it was the power, of some supreme colossal ; That brought you close to me as a stupere to my colloquial. a a Yes you were my glory, which I wore as a crown. Everything comes to an end, so did this profound. a a I know what they said about us – “Why did they broke apart when, they are the pair of  those ever loving dove?” a a I just want to reply to them, to pour my heart out this time- “If it wasn’t forever It wasn’t love. “ -Amber (REYANSH) Mishra

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