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If I Were to Go to Fashion Week I Would Wear...#3

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
I am back and so is my brain. After a forced resting period here I am with a new possible Fashion Week outfit. I do think that someone well-dressed with little confidence won't be noticed. That is why I particularly want to stress out on one point : when pulling an outfit be confident about yourself and about what you are wearing.

Femininity. This is the word I would use for the outfit I am going to introduce you to. I never feel as confident as when I am wearing clothes that make me feel feminine. In my opinion, being feminine doesn't mean looking beautiful but being confident, knowing our weak spots and  qualities. And being able to deal with our soft spots is definitely the most difficult thing to do. Women that inspire me to feel feminine and confident are definitely burlesque performers. There is no physical requisite to be one, they come in every shape and are not ashamed of how they look. Immodesty Blaise and Miss Dirty Martini are the first ones coming to my mind when I think about femininity. In the society we are living in, we are always told what we should look like and if we can't look like models on catwalks we sometimes feel bad about it. These 2 women definitely show us that our body is not an issue if we learn to love ourselves. See what I mean with these two pictures :

If I were to go to Fashion Week I would wear...#3

Immodesty Blaize

If I were to go to Fashion Week I would wear...#3

Miss Dirty Martini by...oh surprise ! Karl Lagerfeld

I am conscious my figure is different from those two women but if not for them and burlesque in general  I would have not learned to accept myself as I am and I'll still would feel ashamed in whatever  I'll be wearing. Few years ago I doubt I could have worn this dress with such a jacket :
If I were to go to Fashion Week I would wear...#3

 Feel at ease in your own skin so that you won't feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing. 
You can judge a book by its cover but in the end, it's its content that will matter. So don't forget, your self comes before the clothes. So what do you think about this third potential Fashion Week outfit ? 

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