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If I Were a Young Person Seeking a Church Home for Myself, Why Would I EVER Want to Consider a Church in Which….

Posted on the 01 November 2019 by William Lindsey @wdlindsy
If I Were a Young Person Seeking a Church Home for Myself, Why Would I EVER Want to Consider a Church in Which….
If I were a young person seeking a church home for myself, why would I EVER want to consider a church in which
• Priests single out a politician — for overt political reasons — to deny him communion when he's pro-choice, but never do the same to a politician supporting the death penalty?
• And ignorant Catholic apologists applaud the decision because the "sinner" being singled out in this way is defying "divine law"?
• When some 90% of married Catholics have long used contraceptives, and who denies communion to those "sinners" who are defying "divine law"?
• And when a majority of US Catholics see the abortion issue as far more complex than the magisterium wants people to see it?
• And when the Catholic church for most of its existence held the door open for the understanding that there's a moral difference between abortion at the earliest stages of pregnancy and later?
• And when the leaders of the same US Catholic church that wants to call itself "pro-life" could not be more overt in their both silent and vocal support of one of the most anti-life federal regimes imaginable?
• And when, on any given day, we can open our browsers and newspapers and find that one more LGBTQ employee of the "pro-life" church has lost his/her livelihood, his/her healthcare coverage — and what could be more grotesquely anti-life than removing from people their daily bread and medical coverage for no reason at all?
• And when, as all this goes on, Catholic dioceses and parishes are asking people to watch a movie blaming all the problems of the world — ludicrously — on the 1960s and the sexual revolution? The 1960s. Which were over and done with almost a half century ago….
• And when the very same Catholic leaders denying communion to a Democratic politician they want to depict as a heinous "sinner" have covered up and are continuing to cover up the rape of minors by priests?
Just asking for many friends who have walked away and now none and done and many more who will soon be doing the same….

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