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Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne: “We Want a Revolution.” (Part V and Finale)

Posted on the 22 March 2021 by Therisingcontinent @Ambrosenz

From the minute 40:09 up to the minute 52:37 of the video.

Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne is a Rwandan human right activist who, from Rwanda, published a series of youtube videos, starting from January 31 up to February 15, 2021, the day when the Rwandan Investigative Bureau (RIB) arrested her. This is the final part of her last video published on her last day of freedom. By the time of this writing, she had already appeared in court twice where she denied all the accusations. The court kept her in prison for another 30 days. 

You have to stand up (2X). On this day of 16/02/21, we should all stand up, and walk up to Urugwiro (the President’s office). Firstly, they have to bring back Bahati before they kill him. They have to give us Bahati if they haven’t killed him yet. (eennn…) Even if they’ve killed him, they need to show us his body. You need to stand up. They have to confirm to us that they killed our people. They should stay put and face justice because they cannot bring them back. They cannot bring back Kizito and others. (ennn…). They have to agree on that and confess their sins. 

They have to confirm to us willingly that our country doesn’t have a president, but it is instead led by a dead body. They should let us vote for the one we want. Democratically. Do you understand? Do you understand that? You, members of AGATSIKO? If you don’t resign, the Almighty is coming for you. I am telling you. You should do that while you still have time. 

I am asking the Rwandan soldiers, the national police, to preserve the safety of every citizen who will join to go out and advocate for their revolution. Those from the city of Kigali, we will meet at Urugwiro. The one who can start their march at 7:00 am; at least by 9:00 am, we will have people already at Urugwiro. I will repeat for the security forces including the police, you are requested to ensure the safety of Rwandans going after their revolution. You are security forces for Rwandans, but not for Agatsiko of assassins. Those from the provinces, you will go to your district’s office, please select among yourselves your leaders, then we will stand up and seek democracy we long for; let’s advocate for democracy we need to have, but that we don’t have presently. 

Let’s seek true reconciliation, and let’s not get them to mislead us, while they divide us; let’s fight for our rights (2X). Those who are abroad, you shouldn’t sit down and relax; if you don’t do anything, the Almighty will punish you. Everyone who doesn’t take part in this action, let me tell you (X2), the Almighty will punish them. He will keep them in eternal slavery. Moretekan told Esther that the purpose of her coming to the royal court was for her to become useful when the time would be convenient. It wasn’t for you to come and enjoy royal niceties, while your people were suffering. He also added that, in case you don’t accomplish your mission, the Jewish tribe will be saved but you and your family will perish. I should repeat this at your intention, Rwandans. I am repeating this for you. Wherever you are, those who are dying from fear, afraid to get out of that state, those who became fear’s instruments, and those saying that they are favoured by the regime, anyone who won’t take part in this coming revolution, will only watch while others will enjoy the outcome. That won’t stop the Almighty from saving his tribe. I am telling you. That won’t stop Him. However, anyone who will have been a bystander, indifferent, that one will be cursed with his family. That’s why I am calling you to stand up: those in Kigali, provinces and abroad, whichever country you are in. Everyone needs to do something. Because, as I told you, I used to have that false peace they boast about. I was clean and that’s the reason they couldn’t find any sin to link me with. They then accused me of belittling genocide. I have four children. I am a mother. (iii..) I don’t have anyone who would look after them if I died. But I decided to sacrifice my life, my children. Don’t you see that they have been harassing/intimidating me, kidnaping my child, aren’t intelligence’s vehicles continuously circulating in front of my gate. Why don’t I have fear? When you look at me, do you think I am a terrorist? Why would I become a terrorist? (X2) Let me tell you. I don’t even have anyone in prison, in case I would have a strong resentment against the regime, for those people I would fight to get them out. There was nothing to make me radical. I became radical because of the bad governance which is impacting my people. I want Rwandans to have peace. I want them to be free. I want to release them from the yoke of the enemy. If I am the one that the Almighty is using, stand up with me. If you don’t support me, the Almighty won’t judge me. If you want to remain in your enslavement, you will remain there. I believe in the Almighty and I know nobody has ever won over Him. It’s Him who sent me. To announce His message to the Medi and Perses. He sent me to talk to them because I knew them. I knew them very much. Assess yourselves, release cowardice and fear from your personality, get rid of this wrong understanding saying that we are divided along ethnic lines, don’t look at people under the ethnic loops of Tutsi or Hutu. Take Action. Rwandan Security Forces, take action and support (this call for a revolution). If you decide not to support, the Almighty will curse you in daylight. Those aware that their hands are clean of any blood, take action. Stand Up and do something. Since I came to realize who I am, that I am not a product or rice for sale, if somebody else emerges tomorrow like me, and then be bought, how will our misery end? Please don’t, don’t!

NO. NO. NO. The time is now. The time has come to end our misery. We want a revolution (2X). We stand up claiming democracy, we aren’t standing up destroying anything, killing anyone or doing anything else, we are opposed to seeing that our country could again experience bloodsheds, caused by AGATSIKO (small group) of villains interested only in its privileges. Looking only after their interests. Only interested in their privileges. I am not afraid of any from those who are notorious criminals among them.

I told you I don’t have any fear of dying. I told you I don’t have it. It’s the reason I have all these Rwandans presently supporting me. We don’t have any government. The government doesn’t operate anymore. It is finished. I have even removed it, for you to know. I have removed it, using this weapon (while showing her bible to the camera). This One. This zombie-like government is only a shadowy presence (Balinga). It ended its active existence long ago. 

Stand up and let’s get the Almighty support because He won’t help while you are sitting idly. However, while you will be reflecting on your stand, compare yourself to Yvonne who is so young, not an old woman, nor suffering from deadly illnesses which might have incapacitated her in some ways, without any problem to justify her suicide, who has children who could suffer in case I die, who has a family that needed my support to live, my family is spending days crying, they are not eating, nor drinking. They are extremely sad. They are daily asking me why I am doing this, given the consequences. However, I cannot feel calm at all. I cannot be at peace while Rwandans are suffering. My family has to understand because I don’t have a choice. I know I did put my family in a critical situation, but I couldn’t calm down. I told them that I wasn’t anymore Idamange of my family. I am Idamange of the entire country. (sobbing…) I know you need me, but my country needs me more. …I don’t belong to my family only anymore. I belong to the whole country. Why don’t you understand? Do you consider that I am of the age to commit suicide, do you think I don’t want to look after my children, aren’t they great children I needed to look after? Why don’t you get it? Why don’t you get rid of your cowardice? I am not even an old girl you would say that because I couldn’t get a husband, I am resorting to suicide. Or even assuming that in case I die nobody will shed a tear. Why can’t you use your brain? Me accepting to put aside everything and sacrifice my life to this cause. I had all that peace they talk about. However, I couldn’t be at peace, and sleep at night, while seeing the suffering of the Almighty’s people.

Forgive me, I have to end here. Forgive me, I have to end here, I don’t feel well. But, tomorrow, the protest will start before sunset. We will go peacefully and start early at 7:00 am, even 6:00 am for those who can. However, make sure, and agree to meet at Urugwiro at 9:00 am. The placard to use will be this one (showing the bible). Others meet at the districts’ offices. Others find a convenient site to go and easy to reach. Rwandans who are in foreign countries, if you don’t seriously participate, I guarantee you will not be welcome home. That’s the truth I am telling you. Don’t be cowards. Don’t sit indifferently, and be at peace and eat, because you are abroad, we need to be together in this struggle. Every Rwandan who feels that this is not their fight will be cursed. They will be able to know about their country, but they won’t be able to live in Canaan. I am truly telling you. As those who want our people to remain enslaved forever, they will only look at the country, but they won’t live in it. They won’t harvest its fruits, neither eat its honey nor drink its milk. Everyone wherever you are, even those who need tickets you should give them to them, but we need to stand up. They could at least give us Bahati if he is still alive, but we should leave the place, having gained democracy.

Thank you.

The agreed day is 16/02. Early morning.


I had forgotten to tell you that, as soon as I leave the camera, they might rush to my house and take me to prison. Even if they arrest me, don’t stop. If they arrest me, don’t stop. In every area, find Idamange among yourselves to lead you. Don’t stop. Continue standing up. Continue, the Almighty will be with you. Even me, he won’t abandon me. 

Thank you. I have to stop here. I cannot tell you more. It’s an opportunity to say goodbye, it might be my last time on this channel, on this social media. Because they warned me about that, saying that I wasn’t to ever speak out again, but keep quiet, that if I didn’t stop speaking out what would follow would be to kill me.

They could also proceed in a more civilised way, by analysing this video and getting this time evidence of offences to get me imprisoned. 

You understand well. To be back soon, this is impossible.

I say goodbye and love you dearly.

I am ready for what is coming. Don’t worry. I am not afraid. I told you about prison, that it doesn’t scare me at all. I rehearsed all these things. It doesn’t scare me at all.

There is the one to imprison, but there is also the Almighty.

Even death doesn’t scare me. I overcame death. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have come here to share this message with you.

Let me repeat for your understanding. I am not a politician. And I am not a known figure in Rwandan affairs.

I don’t have any political party I intend to set up or already have.

I am not someone who calls the citizens to disobey the authority, the same way they have interpreted my call, to accuse me.

I am a person who is advocating for citizens’ human rights.



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