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Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne: “Let’s Say (loudly) That We Don’t Want to Be Led by a Dead (Kagame’s) body.”(Part IV).

Posted on the 15 March 2021 by Therisingcontinent @Ambrosenz

“In the name of Christ, within the powers entrusted in me by the Almighty who sent me, I remove AGATSIKO (Kagame’s inner circle) from power. Right now I order you to resign… Willingly. To avoid that no blood from Rwandan children be shed…”

“Let’s seek a revolution. A true revolution. Instead of the fake one, they gave us, which lies to us. Let’s fight to live democratically.”

Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne is a Rwandan human right activist who, from Rwanda, published a series of youtube videos, starting from January 31 up to February 15, 2021, the day when the Rwandan Investigative Bureau (RIB) arrested her. This is Part 4 of her last video published on her last day of freedom. Please read through the transcript, from the 30th min of the video to the 40th min. By the time of this writing, she had already appeared in court twice where she denied all the accusations. The court kept her in prison for another 30 days. 

I know everything (about their plans). I told them to be cursed by the Almighty. To sacrifice the Rwandan children for them to remain oppressed, and to enjoy the comfort of luxurious cars, excellent villas, prestigious positions you would give me, all of that should be cursed by the Almighty. (nhiiiii…) They told me that I would shut up, otherwise if you don’t shut up, they will kill you. That’s how the system works. I know. I know it well (she raises her tone). You will shut up, if you don’t, they will kill you. That’s a news issue which will be talked about for one week, then it will subside forever. I told them that I didn’t fear death. I don’t fear handcuffs, I told you. Dan Munyuza was trying to get in touch, but I don’t know why he didn’t contact me. 


They saw Idamange belittling genocide. Instead of putting her in prison, they are now intending to bribe her. If I didn’t commit any offense if I gave them my address and my phone, why didn’t they come and arrest me for the offense I would ve committed, and get punished for it. Why did they choose to maliciously harass me, and then come back to bribe me secretly? I am not a product for sale. You would kindly accept to go on your youtube channel then tell people that (iii…) you were wrong. (eeee….) Things aren’t the way you think. If I was wrong, could the Almighty be also wrong? I told them that I couldn’t be part of any of their conspiracies.

While I am talking to you presently, they had prohibited me from doing any more talk on my channel. That explains why yesterday I put on a show to distract them, asking my audience to attend prayers I would lead. To show them that I obeyed them, so they don’t kill me before I state straightly this message. Because I am sure they don’t excel in tricks than I do. They aren’t better than me in that matter. For sure. I am not boasting but they aren’t better than me. If they were cleverer, they wouldn’t have dared to come and bribe me. I agreed with what they were requesting from me, but I told them that I won’t take whatever they were offering me. I told them that My Father had everything. All the money I need. I don’t need to be paid by RPF, I need to be paid by My Father from Heaven. However, I showed them that I could stop my talks, though I requested them to allow me to hold a talk for prayers. For you to know that I led those prayers after they allowed me. And I did it with a very humble attitude; you probably noticed that I even went away straight from the camera, for me not to be tempted to say more than necessary out of anger. And they could see it, then they would kill me, before I would’ve been able to put this message in front of you, so once gone, you would’ve stayed with many unanswered questions. I wanted to leave, with my message with you, so if they kill me, any other one to come after I would’ve died, to be like me, and courageous enough, and ready to die for Rwandans, for them to know where to start and continue to the next step. However, presently, the weaponry I have, I cannot die without shooting it. I told them that when the situation would worsen, I would shoot. Presently, let me tell you fellow Rwandans, did you know some other truth? Israelites, when they were under slavery, they were suffering extremely. To a degree hard to imagine. So extreme. However, God contacted Moses, because He found that Moses was meant to assist them, to get out of their slavery condition. 

I said things allegorically, but there are many people who got my message. Those who tried to analyze and understand them did get what I was saying. God gave them Moses telling them it would be him who would get them out of their slavery. He didn’t have any problem because he lived at the Imperial court. He hadn’t experienced slavery with them. However, it was he who was meant to get them out of slavery (and take them to the promised land). Let me tell you if Moses had refused to go and take Israelites out of slavery, and the Imperial court having bribed him, up to now, Israelites would still be experiencing slavery. They would still be slaves. All their descendence would still be slaves in the Pharaoh’s country. Also if Moses had received God’s call, and if Israelites would’ve refused to stand up with him, they would’ve stayed in slavery eternally. If Moses would’ve stood up, and accepted to sacrifice himself, then Israelites preferring to remain as they were as slaves, refusing to stand up with him, they would until today in that slave condition. Many are talked to, but few get the message. Those who are meant to understand what I am saying, have got it.

Me if I stoop up, calling for a revolution in Rwanda, fighting for Rwandans to come together as one, be happy and prosperous, without any oppression on their back, and no genocide blackmail, and other malicious propaganda, … that Rwandans refuse to stand up with me, in front of God the Almighty, I will wash my hands about the mission He gave me. They will remain under the yoke of their oppression, in which I don’t have anything to do with. However, if I had accepted to be bribed, and accepted to go and seat in their nice offices, eat well, live a tremendous life, as I wish, the Almighty would’ve also punished me, because I would’ve failed Him. 

Today instead, I am telling you that I’ve accomplished God’s mission entrusted in me, that’s why I asked you to pray together for two days. So that, everyone, be in a state of mind to reflect upon themselves, understand how deep is the plight of their suffering, everyone to feel that they need a revolution, for them to get out of the bondage of fear, get out of the influence of fear. I demand from you to reflect, I don’t want you, my friends, to live eternally as slaves. I don’t wish to live in eternal slavery. I want you to get to Canaan and harvest the fruits, drink the milk and enjoy the honey of that country, I don’t wish you to remain enslaved. I don’t wish you to remain enslaved. But if this is what you chose to live, it’s your business. And if that’s not your choice, stand up. Let’s put our bibles up. That’s my weapon, I already told you. Stand up, everyone. As all, you are, without anyone missing. Let’s put our bibles before us. Perhaps you would need to respect their recommended distancing; let’s put our bibles before us. Those using the white bible, the saint bible, those using the Qoran, everyone in their beliefs, lets come together and agree, to stand up. Let’s stand up. Let’s put our bibles before us, and go all of us to Urugwiro Village, and remove his body. Let’s say that we don’t want to be led by a dead body. Let’s seek a revolution. A true revolution. Instead of the fake one, they gave us, which lies to us. Let’s fight to live democratically. I am not telling anyone to use armed weapons. Nor to take knives. Nor use machetes or traditional weaponry. Let’s arm ourselves with these bibles. These God’s books. If you don’t have one, use another book of songs. However, everyone needs to have some sort of weapon. A weapon, this one I am talking about. God’s Word as our weapon. Then let’s go.

They should give us our Bahati (he disappeared three weeks before this talk). They should give us that president, so we could see him. But, we don’t want them to show us his dead body. We don’t want it. It has been there far too long. It must’ve been decomposed already. We don’t want that one. They should give us our fundamental rights as Rwandans. In the name of Christ, within the powers entrusted in me by the Almighty who sent me, I remove AGATSIKO (Kagame’s inner circle) from power. Right now I order you to resign. I order you. I order you. To Resign. Willingly. To avoid that no blood from Rwandan children be shed. I repeat for you. I am ordering you to resign. I’ve just shoot the target. I am ordering you to resign. Resign. I am ordering you. I am not begging you. I am ordering you to resign. You go to bury your dead body, or you find elsewhere to take it. But leave us in peace with our cherished ancestors’ country. We aren’t going anywhere. Rwandans are tired. Poor people are tired. Business people are tired. Orphans are tired. Widows. Everybody from every walk of our society have become like zombies.


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