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ICM Just Made $1.2 Million On Sunrise Registrations For A $370K Investment

Posted on the 30 April 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

The ICM registry,  which is the operator of .XXX, announced a short time ago that their two new extensions .porn and .adult each got around 4,000 registrations in the Sunrise Period which was opened to trademark holders.

The wholesale cost for each sunrise registration was just $62,  which is quite a bargain considering that the wholesale cost of a .sucks registration is around $2K + for any domain they deemed as “premium” going up to $185K wholesale for a domain like

Stuart Lawley the CEO of the ICM registry told that the average Sunrise registration was for 2.5 years meaning that those 8,000 registrations turned into 20,000 registrations in domain years, meaning that the ICM registry just rake in over $1.2 Million on Sunrise alone.

No other company applied for .Porn or for .Adult so ICM got each extension for the application fee of $185,000 each.

So ICM spent $370K for the two applications and has already banked over $1.2 Million in just Sunrise.

Unlike .sucks, ICM charged all Sunrise registrants for .porn and .adult the same $62 making the .XXX,  .Porn and .Adult guy look like the white knight compared to the dark knight of .sucks.

Lets not forget that ICM still has .Sex forthcoming (which did have 1 other application) which should get as many Sunrise registrations as .porn and .adult and may get as many as those two combined.


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