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Ian McKellan Kissed Patrick Stewart on Stage at the Empire Awards

Posted on the 21 March 2017 by Sumithardia

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Are portmanteaus appropriate for friendships? Like, really lovely, forever friends? Because I think at this point, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen should get one. I’ve been writing combinations out like a high school cheerleader with a crush and wish to push for Stewellen. Last Sunday, Sir Pat received the Legend Award at the Empire Film Awards. So of course, Sir Ian (a previous Legend recipient) was invited to present it to him, which Sir Ian did with a delightful speech he seemingly made up on the spot and gave without notes. Furthering the conviviality of the moment, Sir Ian surprised the crowd by planting a congratulatory kiss on Sir Pat when he took the stage to accept his award. And Sir Pat loved every minute of it.
Fresh from scene-stealing performance as Charles Xavier in Logan, Sir Patrick Stewart has stolen something else – that being another cheeky snog from best pal Sir Ian McKellen.
The duo were both in attendance at the Empire Film Awards on Sunday night, where Sir Patrick was picking up the Legend Award for his outstanding contribution to cinema.
Invited to present the award was his former X-Men co-star Sir Ian McKellen, who gave a fairly nice speech about his Taylor Swift-reciting bro for life.
However, not content with just sharing the award, Sir Ian – who has previously won the award himself – decided to go in for a cheeky snog when his pal joined him on stage.
The unexpected moment was met by cheers, but we can’t say we’re that surprised as this isn’t exactly the first time the friends have got affectionate – back in 2015, the duo shared a snog at the premiere of McKellen’s movie Mr Holmes.
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You can see the Mr. Holmes kiss here. What I wouldn’t give to spend an evening listening to these two give witty speeches about each other. That would be worth atoning for some of my past if I had some form of guarantee this is what awaited me Upstairs. And I am not the only one, Sir Pat said he was so enchanted with Sir Ian’s speech that he, “would have been happy just to sit there and listen to his speech without having to get up and do anything myself.”
Speaking of charming, CB has been posting about Sir Pat’s foster pup Ginger. The love affair isn’t over yet, Sir Pat posted this on Saturday:
Fostering #GingerGurl is one of the best things I've ever done. @ASPCA @WagsandWalks #AdoptDontShop #fosteringsaveslives #pibbles pic.twitter.com/M8ajTGBrxa
— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) March 18, 2017

Could you imagine becoming Ginger’s forever home? You would have the happiest girl on the block. I’d tell everyone she was royal pedigree because she was fostered by Sir Pat. In addition to Ginger, he is admirably advocating for fostering in general. On Friday (the other St. Pat’s Day), he posted this little guy:
Hey @RealHughJackman the lovely @WagsandWalks who brought us #GingerGurl named this eminently adoptable bubba #Logan https://t.co/daqiXe3vGd pic.twitter.com/CWudaea1a9
— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) March 17, 2017

And since we are on the subject of Logan, the only thing that makes Stewellen even better is to add a dollop of Hugh Jackman to the mix. If you have not seen this clip, do yourself a favor. It’s bewitchingly enjoyable and just gets better with each viewing:

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