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Iamamiwhoami’s New Single ‘fountain’ Will Blow Your Mind [video]

Posted on the 27 January 2014 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie


iamamiwhoami is one of the most interesting artists, both visually and musically, in recent past. The Swedish electronic band and multimedia collective musically consists of singer-songwriter Jonna Lee and her longtime producer Claes Björklund and visually relies on directors Robin Kempe-Bergman, Agustín Moreaux and still photographer John Strandh. The end result are epic (and I mean epic) videos that perfectly marry the electronic/dream pop music with beautifully majestic background images to create stories around each song and album.

The only other bands I’ve even seen come close to this kind of audio and visual synergy are Sigur Rós or maybe The Flaming Lips. After watching some of iamamiwhoami’s videos again and again, it’s clear that Lee and company are the most consistently stunning group out of them all.

Case in point: “Fountain” — the new single and video that was published on Tuesday which already has over 100K views on YouTube. For a band that just played their first U.S. show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple this past September, that’s pretty astounding. The numbers are only going up, too. As the general public becomes more interested in holistically experiencing albums rather than just listening to singles or watching one-off videos (thank you, Beyoncé, for raising the bar in that regard), iamamiwhoami is well-positioned to really take off in 2014.

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