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I Wear You Like My Clothes, Hold You Close to My Body

By Wickedying @wickedying


Look of the Day – It’s a sunshiny day today and I’m feeling gold and sort of old! Haha! Achieved another first today and it simply means that I have outdone my typical 6-photo ootd article to 10+. Brace yourselves for a photo-heavy post. Sorry (not sorry)!



Knit sweater, Penshoppe. Faux leather skirt, Vaintage. Heels, Memorata by CLN. Necklace and bracelet, Li’s Closet. Watch, Parfois. Sunglasses, Fly Shades.

“I’m like a child who belongs to nobody
So, I wear you like my clothes
Hold you close to my body
Because you hurt so good
You feel so bad honey
I just want you to want me
Want you to want me…”

This song from Lana has been playing nonstop on my playlist. I like putting this on repeat as I get myself dressed for work! It a good one and I wonder why it isn’t included in her albums. Hoho!




When February sets in, I’m filled with ambiguity. It is the month that’s more like a reminder that I’ll be turning a year older. Older. What a word. The older I get, the more I think about the choices I made in life. Maybe this is quarter-life crisis telling me to do some introspection but it happens a little too often nowadays. Yeah, go figure!

I should have pursued the course I want. I should have done the things I wanted. I should have gone back to school again. I should have saved instead of impulsively buying things. I should have spoken my mind out. I should have told what I really feel instead of keeping it to myself. I should have spent more time with people I love. I should have been more affectionate. I should have said something when situation calls for it. I should have tried.

You see, I spend a hefty amount of time lost inside my thoughts that I may have lost contact with, for the lack of terms, the outside world. My ‘I should haves‘ may sound like regret but it really isn’t. It simply means that when you find yourself in crossroads again, you know better. Recognize opportunities when you see one. I’m not the one to write about motivation, as I desperately need it most of the time but… I don’t know. These are what’s inside my thought cloud right now. These thoughts go random and they’re fleeting but they still make sense or at least I’d like to think they do. Forgive my gibberish!


Toned everything down and searched for something I’d actually wear. Neutrals are perf!


Local street brands have immensely improved nowadays. I bought this sweater on sale at Penshoppe. Who knew they have pieces like this?


Lately I find myself posting dresses and more dresses when in reality, I rarely wear one. This could pass as ‘omg-this-is-so-me’ outfit. Hope you like it! 


This skirt is an old one sent to me by Erleen. It’s one of their bestselling items during that time period.

Anyway, here are more photos:




Stay wicked!


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