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I Was Busy Waiting for Elijah Last Night, Now My DVR's a Disaster!

Posted on the 26 March 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

I was busy waiting for Elijah last night, now my DVR's a disaster! The answer to Monday's Trivia Question:  San Francisco was the team that was undefeated it happened in 1956 and was a really really hard question. Blame my friend James...he gave me the questions.

FIRST FIVE GOOGLER's: Chris Lenge, Jim Carter, Crystal Kyler, Dan Cicero & Monica Caraffa Honorable Mention: NOBODY Friday's Cable Top 5 NCAA Basketball-TNT 1.2/3.1

NCAA Basketball-TNT .9/2.5
NCAA Basketball-TBS .9/2.4
Law & Order SVU-USA .8/2.8
NCAA Basketball-TNT .8/2.8

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5 NCAA Basketball/60 Minutes-CBS 3.4/11.6

Family Guy-FOX 2.6/5.1
60 Minutes/The Amazing Race-CBS 2.4/10.3
American Dad-FOX 2.3/4.4
The Amazing Race/The Good Wife-CBS 2.0/9.3

Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 The Simpsons-FOX 66,802 Once Upon a Time-ABC Family Guy-FOX 48,019 Revenge-ABC 42,414 The Mentalist-CBS 27,828

Sunday's Cable Top 5 NA

Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

The Walking Dead-AMC 668,664
NCAA Basketball-TBS 503,900
NCAA Basketball-TNT 357,415
The Bible-History 117,347
The Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 47,108
Top 5 DVR'ed Shows for the week of 3/4/13-3/10/13
The Big Bang Theory- from a 5.5 to a 7.5 (+36.4%)
The Following-from a 4.5 to a 4.5 (+60.7%)
Glee-from a 2.4 to a 3.6 (+50%)
Grimm-from a 1.5 to a 2.7 (+80%)
NCIS-from 3.4 to a 4.5 (+32.4%)
How I Met Your Mother
Holy cow what a crazy good episode of How I Met Your Mother.  Carter Bays...you got us and you got us good.  It started out with the gang in the bar and Barney begging Ted to go to Robots vs. Wrestlers (Legends).  Ted needed the help of 20 years from now Barney, 20 years from now Ted, 20 hours from now Ted and then 20 months from now coat check girl, and finally 20 minutes from now Barney to make his decision.  Sure we all thought that maybe Emma from Glee was Mom until...the last 3 minutes of the episode where we realized we've been played! Brilliantly played. The entire episode was Ted thinking about the "what if's" and then he told us, and the kids, that what he wanted to do more than anything was to go meet their Mom 45 days early. OMG did the tears started rolling down my face and then I literally got out my calendar and if I did my math right we will see Ted meet Mom just in time for the finale! I'll be pissed if all that counting was for nothing.  The Robin/Marshall drink stealing thing was funny but I don't want to go into it because I want to use it for today's trivia.  Last...what do you do when you have all those Barney's and all those Ted's together?  Harmonize: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6veSzEwu6-Y
Rules of Engagement If you've ever seen the YouTube video of the guy eating the hottest pepper and found that to be hilarious like I did, then this was the Rules of Engagement episode for you. It also was perfect for it to be Adam, the goofball/idiot who did the eating because HE WOULD! Timmy invited Adam and Jen to an Indian dinner with his parents who were in town visiting and when Adam felt challenged to eat the spiciest meal the insanity began. Of course Russell had to show up in Indian garb spouting his India knowledge, but for once, David Spade wasn't the focus.  It was Oliver Hudson who had me rolling with laughter in this weeks episode.  On the other end of town, Audrey and Jeff went to a book reading party at Columbia University that their surrogate was catering.  Apparently Audrey didn't get in to Columbia and all she wanted was to fit in with the guests, but when Brenda's bartender and waitress didn't show up and Jeff and Audrey had to help out, shockingly it's Audrey who was the disaster and Jeff who was the king.  The best part of the show was the entire cast performing a Bollywood type dance routine, but I'm having trouble finding the video this morning.

The VoiceThe fact that Judith Hill blew the roof off The Voice studio last night was really just icing on the cake. I hate to say this, but the singers and their performances are really secondary on this show and that's what makes it the best of all of the singing competition shows out there.  I was worried that I'd miss Xtina and CeeLo but within 10 minutes of Usher and Shakira I had forgotten all about Droopy and what's his name. The chemistry's better and all four of these judges are really at the top of their games in the industry RIGHT NOW! They're fun, their all great to look at and other than Usher not knowing that Nashville wasn't a state, they all seem to be relatively intelligent.  Adam got a new white T-shirt and was looking awesome. I loved that even when they turned someone down, Adam ran out of his chair and into her arms to comfort her and it seemed genuine.  Sure there were the contestants sob stories, Carson acting like a fool with the families and all the stuff we're used to, but surprisingly enough...The Voice just freshened itself up and in my opinion it's even better now than it was before.  Do you agree?

News & Information:

-While I have no interest at all in fashion or NBC's Fashion Star, I'm intrigued by the shows model.  This week, the designers were asked to create items that work well for any body type. 6 designs were purchased by the retailers for a total pledge of $440K.  I don't think any of these items are actually in stores yet. I'm curious if they'll sell out just as last weeks items did.  I'll let ya know when I find out.

-Across all of the networks airing NCAA games, the combined delivery resulted in the most viewed first week of March Madness in 20 years. 8.9 million total viewers which was up 9% over last years audience and that doesn't even count mobile/digital viewing!  Sunday's games were seen by 11.1 million viewers up 29% from last year's 8.6 million which means it was the most watched first Sunday in 15 years.

-I'm thrilled for Bill Lawrence and the entire Cougar Town cast finally getting the respect they deserve from TBS. The show got the green light for another season which makes me as a viewer happy too. Congrat's guys well deserved in my opinion.
-Get out your calendars, the AMPAS folks felt the need to let us know NOW that the Oscars will air on 3/2/14 and 2/22/15. Wasn't the Oscars just a second ago? Don't get me wrong, I love my award shows so I've noted the dates already.  Also heard rumblings that JT (Justin Timberlake) is rumored to be a host.  I wouldn't mind that idea at all actually.
Tuesday's Trivia Question: Give me both names of the cocktail that Marshall invented and Robin stole from last nights How I Met Your Mother.  (If you prefer an NCAA question let me know.  I wasn't getting any love from the few I posted, so I'm dumping the theme-Sorry James)


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