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I Strained The Ligaments In My Arm And Now I Feel Like A One-Armed Paper Hanger.

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
I Strained The Ligaments In My Arm And Now I Feel Like A One-Armed Paper Hanger.

Remember the other week when I told you I had Vertigo and hurt myself? No? It was a few posts ago. Probably not worth reading anyway. So here’s the gist. (Yes gist is spelled right. I looked it up).

A few weeks ago I had a vertigo episode in the middle of the night and fell in the bathroom. I wish this story was more exciting and not sound like an older person situation but it is what it is.

Fallen Cupcake Suffers From Vertigo (Or Too Much Vanilla Extract)

The world was spinning like it was totally off it’s rocker and I couldn’t catch the counter in time to stop my fall. Ended up with strained ligaments in my arm. Haven’t called the doctor yet incase you were saying to yourself, why didn’t she call the doctor yet.

I googled my pain and it showed me what I had done to my arm. Now I have to go to the doc, who will then send me to a specialist, who will then send me to Physical Therapy and at the end of my journey this little injury will have cost me approximately $5, 247.00. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a tad. But for now I am using my injury to get me out of housecleaning, cooking, driving long distances and anything else anyone asks me to do for them. Can’t, hurt my arm.

I mean, it would be far more interesting if I had done this mountain climbing, changing a tire on my car or even drinking with the girls and I fell out of an Uber. But no. Just fell in the bathroom in the middle of the night and hyper extended my left arm. BORING.

Damn Uber Drivers!

So now I give new meaning to “One Armed Paper Hanger”. Please don’t come at me with how dare I make fun of people with one arm. I’m at a place in my life where I will hunt you down and run you over. OMG call the speech police Karen! Sorry, I digress. Didn’t mean to get all political.

What’s the dumbest thing you have ever done that needed a good back story? I’d love to hear!

People With Way More Exciting Stories For Their Injuries Than Mine.

Peace Love & Margaritas!

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