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I Slammed the Door and Put My Hand Threw It: A Mums Confession

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

A Mums Confession


I slammed the door and put my hand threw it: A Mums Confession

My partner and I were having a disagreement that got out of hand, I went upstairs to cool down. I didn’t want my little boy to see me so upset.

My fella insisted on coming upstairs and getting in my face, I lost my temper and shouted at him, he left the house  - he went for a walk

I was left at home with our little boy who was also in tears, as he could see how I was upset and he had just seen mummy and daddy arguing.

When my fella returned he  wanted to carry on arguing and that’s when I lost it !

I slammed the door and put my hand threw it

I left a big hole in the door,  I collapsed and cried.

My little boy had seen all of this and was really upset that I had put a hole in the door all he kept saying was “Mummy got cross”.

My heart broke and I felt awful that he had seen such a thing. I picked him up and cried.

I felt I had failed as a mother as he shouldn’t of seen such things 

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