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I Miss My Blog *sob* Call for Writing Suggestions — Prompts, Topics, Questions

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Life has gotten too busy to write anything lately, but my blog is my baby, and I feel she is being neglected.  I think this is what writers feel when they’re bereft of their usual opportunity for pouring out their feelings in words.  But I feel that simply shooting a post straight off the top of my head would be remiss on my part.  But I think I will do it anyway, since, like for many, writing is cathartic for me and the best therapy I know of.  I have no other expressive outlets!

So, in short, I miss my blog!  But with kids — *and here comes the whining* — school starts along with the obligation to nag at them to finish homework, a little one who needs special help in math (he inherited my curse of number-induced stupors) and just generally fitting in time for increased work with the holidays coming up, looking for more work, and keeping up a house that is clearly falling apart.  lol

Add to that two spontaneously downed trees — really? that happens? — due to this blasted drought and a falling fence with a little toothy, once-stray dog who enjoyed tearing it up, and finding a way to fix those problems, and I understand why I haven’t had time to even trim my nails!  (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but you get me.)

But I do love my life — don’t get me wrong.  It’s better than it’s been in years.

Still, what usually takes the most time in blogging, at least for me, is finding a topic that is interesting to readers.  So, to remedy my absence, do me a favor, would you, fellow bloggers and regular readers? — think up a question or a topic, a request for an honest opinion or objective advice on a situation — WHATEVER — and send it to me, and I’ll try my best write about it.  What better writing prompt than a real, live person waiting on a response?

Honestly, send me something.  I’m wilting without regularly writing, and you just might be able to bring me out of this funk!  And maybe a few of you are feeling the same way — so write me about it.  If you read regularly but I never hear from you, then feel free to comment as a kind of guest post on my blog.  Just keep it respectable, will ya?

See?  I need to get back to my work desk right now, so I’m not even inserting a picture.  Have you ever seen me do that?

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