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I'm So Tripping on the Fact That You Only Spent $25 on All Those Dresses! SO Lucky! I Wish I Had That Thrift Store Here in Dallas, It Has EVERYTHING. I'd NEVER Shop Elsewhere, Except for Shoes ! Lol

By Eteclea @eteclea2

SO true! I only do my shopping haul once a month whenever I go to my local favorite thriftstore, and each first Thursday of the month (If I can get off work I go) they have this 50% off on all clothing! how crazy is that? not only they have labeled/branded clothes some of them are new too w/tags still on!

it’s really about treasure hunting and taking your time to dig for those precious finds.  
And YES you are right on!!!! when it comes to SHOES I buy somewhere else. and when I’m in the mall I only try to look at apparels that are on clearance $7 below. LOL

I really hope you can find a thrift store somewhere that’s non-profit(they’re inexpensive compared to goodwill), not only it’s good for your pocket but good for the environment ;)  

Try google or yahoo answers to search for your local thrift-stores or nearby cities <3 

Good luck! <3 xoxo

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