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I'm Not a Feminist. Do You Believe in Discrimination Against Women? No. Then You're a Feminist.

Posted on the 07 February 2011 by Humanwriter @roseforman
I'm torn when it comes to Feminism. I am a modern woman, I believe in freedom of expression- the right to proudly display our beautiful womanly bodies as we please and the right to progress in our careers without oppression from the masculine world. But on the other hand I believe that when I have a child I will be in a committed and loving relationship or marriage, and I will want to be the one to stay home and look after the child, potentially only rejoining my career on a part-time basis.So who am I? Am I a feminist or a conservative? (I like to believe I am a liberal and a freethinker, personally.)It is this dichotomy of the female that throws confusion into the fire of modern Feminism. Should we all be outraged by the gross perversion of the male fantasy on Page 3 or be celebrating that model's confidence to sell what God (or sometimes the plastic surgeon) gave her to exploit men for all they're worth?Who is the Feminist? The woman who stands up proud to make a living from her good looks or the woman who burns her bra and refuses to adhere to the stereotype of a 'perfect' female?

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