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I Know

By Colloquial Wordsmiths

I know it. I know how you ache. I know how badly you long for that permanent, unbeatable happiness. I know how badly you ache, how badly your soul calls that name.

I know it. I know how every time you try to be happy, try to get over it, something stops you. I know how you long for that feeling of being wanted or cared by a specific person. I know how it aches when you think that maybe one day, you will finally have to let go of everything and live a life without having their thought.

I know how it aches to not show the world, what you feel or how you feel because nobody will ever truly understand the kind of frustrated, helpless & anxious feeling you get. I know how, every time you try to get over it, the thought of the way they smile or laugh or talk springs in your mind.

I know how it feels when you try not to expect anything from the person, but end up with broken expectations because you can’t stop expecting from the people you truly love.

I know how it feels to have to push yourself to be happy, while it somehow comes to others naturally. I know how unlucky you feel sometimes.

I know what it feels like to think, ‘hey, I ruined quite a lot of a part of my life, what am I going to do?’ & then trying to be chill & again force yourself to be happy.

But I also know that you have an entire life ahead waiting for you to make something great happen. To go through all that pain & hurt & frustration & then finally moving past it. It must feel like suddenly being freed from an undersized cage.

And one day, you’ll experience. One day, I’ll experience it.


I know

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