I Imagine a Society Where Everyone is Positively Influenced by Others

Posted on the 22 March 2015 by Luciano Pacini
If during your day, a person does something nice to you, it happens that later in the evening you could possibly remember this fact. It is not always necessary a big thing, can be just a nice word, a smile, however this thing stay in your mind or at least it came back and appears in your thought with the consequence  that sometimes it is capable to influence your mood.I am just describing something that looks like being so common but I am sure that it needs some more reflection, to be better understood.

I imagine a society where everyone is positively influenced by others

The Sun shines on the World

So let’s try with another example. Still in your day it can happen meeting people whom are not so nice with you, maybe you didn't do nothing wrong, but they just vent their frustration to you. And you still remember them sometimes later on, exactly how you could remember “the good one”.
It is so simple but people are so into their "own fake world" that often they don’t give attention to all of that. What I mean is that I imagine a society where all the people can influence each other but only with positive energy. Would be easy I guess: instead of to say something bad to the next person, just try to say something good. The problem is that in all the World there are some negative feelings, like the envy for instance. 
I have a good news, things can change though because everything start from the people. So if they want, they could spread good energy instead of the bad one. For me is really funny why this doesn't happen; it looks like that sometimes it is so hard being happy for someone else’s happiness.

Anyway my dear reader you know that I write here in my blog my thoughts and I try to don’t use this tool as many people does, I mean just like Facebook basically, because for me would be reductive, instead I prefer to share with all of you my incredible ideas, something that soon I hope will become my first book…
So for this reason at first I didn't want to write this article, because I was thinking it would be just like "a communication of service", and I was going to post on Fb actually, but when I started writing I saw that was coming out a real post as you can see; so I have decided to do this exception and share here with you a personal thing that effectively I am doing. 

Let’s go back to the title. I was talking about that I would like to create a different type of society, but we all know that is not always like that, in fact it happens that in the World there are wars for example, but it happens also that in Italy, exactly in Florence, an association organize a course for some political refugees. The course is about "Italian Culture and business", and it happens that they need a "great professor", and who is better than Luciano Pacini to do that. Exactly my dear reader, this is what I want to share with you and for me it is a new experience.If we deny money ok, this is another level, but I think that if we start from the assumption that we need money for living it can be really interesting being paid to help people in some way. You know that I am a free spirit and I like to do many things at the same time, but I think this concept can be really important. I guess can be an interesting mission.

Maybe now you can think that I just want to say how much I am good, but actually while I was thinking about what I was doing, suddenly all this romance went away living the place to a philosophical thought. What I mean is that if I think more in deep, I guess helping people is a relative concept, and it is not just connected with volunteering and so on. If you are a nurse you help people with your job, this is obvious, but even a cashier, I mean a job that apparently you wouldn't say that is about caring people, I think it can go in this direction. The person who you find at the end of your "trip" in a supermarket helps you, counting and telling you about the bill, maybe putting in the bag your goods and so on. I have considered those two types, a nurse and a cashier, just to say that in the middle are everyone else and all of those are involved in helping people in some way or another, this is what I have just discovered.I am so happy to have been hired as a “social professor” for this course, but I guess I am so "modest" that I don’t want to ennoble myself, and so I started to think in this way and to see that even simple jobs can be very useful for others. I really would like to know what do you think about it, my dear reader, I guess you study or you have a job, do you feel that your work is helpful for others? Obviously I think you must do what you prefer, even without having to deal with all of that, it is just that I start thinking beside few exceptions, that almost doing every job you have this possibility, really, it looks like that it doesn't matter what you do but how you do it...

I imagine a society where everyone is positively influenced by others

"The Master" shines on the people

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