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I Have a Degree in Molecular Science but Now I’m a Mum No-one Wants to Employ Me

By Expatdoctormom1 @ExpatDoctorMom


At some point in the past you’ve graduated from a top notch university with a super fancy degree and a whole world of opportunities was staring you in the eyes. You probably started a career in an exciting corporate world or other business related environment and thought that this journey would last forever.

But then something else has happened. Children.

Planned or ‘accidental’ they are the world of your life now and you love them more than life. However, the corporate git is still there inside you waiting to get out and explore a new environment. Only suddenly, you find yourself in a position where for various reasons no one wants to employ you anymore. How on earth did that happen?

You feel stuck and frustrated and starting to believe that there’s no way out of here and you’ll be a housewife forever now. Sounds familiar?

The question I want to ask you, is what do you really want to do with your life? Not your husband, partner, mother, sister, boss, neighbor or your child. You, only you.

What is one thing you would have done given an opportunity and considering all other things are not relevant?

Why do you want to work? What are the benefits of working? What are the benefits of going back to corporate world? Are there any other ways/opportunities you could explore?

When you became a parent, your values and attitudes towards life, people and general daily situations would have changed quite a bit. If you are like me, you probably want to spend more time with your little ones yet have a job, or some sort of activity outside the household, where you can be your other self, your pre-kids self, the one that is creative and organised and can get things done to the best of your professional abilities.

After going through rounds of corporate interviews for 9 months and not getting a single job, I asked myself those same questions. And I realised that there isn’t a job for me out there that I want to do,  there’s no company out there that would satisfy my new wishes. There is no place that would allow me to create the right work-life balance that I wanted to have and be in control of it.

My discovery led me to one possible option (and in my view it’s the only one for me)-going solo.

This was the way for me because it’s the only way I could have a highly stimulating and rewarding job where I could control what and when I did, and combine it with spending quality time with my girls baking cakes and messing with finger painting.

I invested time and effort answering those questions, digging deep inside my heart and soul to find this answer. This is the best decision I’ve made for my personal development and sanity so far.

I took what I could do before (professionally), invested into new training and applied it to my new business which is now my new life. And I love my new life!

My friends comment that I’m the happiest they’ve seen me for while and don’t understand where I get all the energy from to do everything that I do! Wohoo me!

When you do something you love, something you good at, nothing else matters. I love my job; it’s the best job in the world!

Stuff the corporate world and 9 till 5 non-sense! Go discover your hidden talents, forgotten passions and re-asses your new values. Build them into something that gives you what you want: love, life, family, pleasure, cash and recognition.


Do you know what your dream job is now? Do you know how to get it? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear if you’re considering a different career path after becoming a parent.


I have a degree in molecular science but now I’m a mum no-one wants to employ me.
Katya Barry is known as the Global Attitude Architect who specialises in International Transformation and business and career development for global minded individuals. She believes that all people have something in common and that we all grow from connection and curiosity. Katya is an expat mom to two 3rd culture kids, is a professionally qualified coach, speaker and a business lecturer at a local university who works on a multinational scale from her home base in Munich, Germany.  Contact Katya for your personal discovery session at [email protected]

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