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I Deem February to Be Documentary February (i Don’t Have a Clever Title…ok)

Posted on the 02 February 2012 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Hello my fellow readers,

Today I am wanting to declare February to be a special month for me.  In my ongoing pursuit of happiness (not the best movie, just saying) and trying to branch out in my writing, I decided to devote the entire month of February and all subsequent posts to the genre of Documentary films.  Why might I do this you ask?  Well, this is for a lead up to my attendance of the Columbia, MO True/False Film Fest.  On March 1st through the 4th, I will be going to this festival to take part in some fantastic documentary and non-fiction filmmaking.  I decided that I wanted to do this because a). I have a lot of PTO I don’t use at work and decided this would be an awesome vacation for me and b). I don’t have much else planned this year, so why not spend some time at a film festival and watching some amazing documentary films.  So to prepare myself, I decided to devote this month’s posts to the genre that gives us the real look at life and offering an unflinching eye of truth to our world.  Every day will be a different documentary or social film that I have seen during my time as a Cinephile.  I hope that this will get you Netflix or seek out documentaries that you weren’t aware and also offer something a bit different to you other than the usual Hollywood dribble.

Once I head off to the festival, I will try and live blog after each film or even get a daily update out.  I hope to see some amazing first run features and premiers and get you all a bit excited about the upcoming slew of films.

For now, I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts and please let me know about some documentaries that I might not even cover during this month long posting.  I am certainly open to new films.

I don’t say this enough, but thank you everyone for reading and following and commenting on this piddly blog.  It is wonderful to know that my musings and run-on sentence writing is getting read by someone.

Take care and thanks!


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