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I’d Rather Be Hated For Who I Truly Am Than To Be Loved Or Respected For Who And What I Am Really Not

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

1148027-200I was told more than once that if I were friendly I’d have an enormous amount of friends.

And that statement is very true. People have always taken a liking to me. I am the type who would attract legitimate and genuine friends for life.

A neighbor of mine bought me a brand new computer years ago just because she knew that I was a writer. There was no special occasion. It was not my birthday. It was not Christmas. It was just out of the kindness of her heart. To me, her gift was a very nice gesture especially since I hadn’t ran into her so often.

There are also other people who have went out of their way to do nice things for me with no ulterior motives whatsoever.

There are a lot of good nice people living within the world. And kindness is absolutely not to be mistaken for weakness.

I unfortunately had to encounter and experience more negative people than positive due to the circumstances regarding jealousy within my family. They were jealous of my character and did not want me to be around other people who were of my class and stature.

My so called relatives had intended for me to become a low life just the way that they were. Doped out. Cracked out. Whored out. However, none of those things came to be for me because it was not within my nature and celestial plan.

My great grand mother, one of my aunts, and other jealous scumbags went and had evil black magic/Brujeria conjured on my mother and I to try to block us in all aspects of our lives.

It did not work out to their advantage yet the war still persists. My great grand mothers is dead and some prefer to continue on in vain hoping to eventually succeed in bringing me down to their level or lower.

This, however, did not in any way spoil my outlook on people in general, it just made me sort of an expert about the psychological behavior of degenerates and the like, from having been frequently around them.

I have always been a loner. Very independent. And very particular about who I associated myself with. I am very perceptive, and I am a very good judge of character. I can read and spot people right away.

I’ve never had a problem getting along with anyone. Certain people have just always been jealous of me, the things that I had, and the things that I was surrounded by such as love and potential (talents/strength/confidence/smarts).

I, however, do not get a long with people if my spirit does not take well to them. If I sense or feel negativity, or character traits that I may find revolting and in conflict with mine, I just keep at a distance.

I do not like ignorance. I do not like liars. And I do not like jealous and envious people.

I detest individuals who relish in the tarnishing of positivity.

I’m the unconventional type. I am a very honest person. Some times brutally honest. I’ve even been considered cold at times. I do not have patience for nonsense. I like to have good fun. Laugh, listen to music, watch interesting films.

I am not the partying type but I do enjoy high class outings-a nice restaurant (not expensive/good quality food), a day or night out on the town especially when the weather is beautiful.

If one is able to, they should be able to pleasure themselves in anyway they see fit, even if it is just every now and then.

I live a very nice quiet life.

Nevertheless, there are and will constantly be those degenerates who won’t want my life to continue to be so nice.

If or when certain people do not like and/or will not accept the other less desirable types of people, they will sometimes tend to cause problems.

They set out to make life hard for the people who do not approve of them. They try to turn people against them. They try in numerous ways to interfere with whatever it is that one endeavors to achieve.

Some people will ingratiate. They’ll be extra courteous to people like this in order to keep on good terms with them-only because they do not want to deal with any conflict. They don’t really like or respect these people they just do not want to bring trouble to themselves or to their loved ones.

It would turn me off to have to come down to the level of a degenerate just to keep the peace. I am sorry but that is not my style. I do not and never have catered to the nonsense of low scale Individuals.

Once people begin to yield and submit to the intimidation and manipulation that is brought on by certain others they get accustomed to the program. They then think or believe that all that they would have to do is to use their coerces and inspire fear. And therefore prompt their targets to comply.

Send people after me. Turn people against me. Do the ultimate to try to hinder my opportunities. I will not under any circumstances change my ways or my attitude.

If no one liked me. That is completely their problem because I like and love myself-and that is all that counts.

A lot of people place too much emphasis on the acceptance and approval of others. So much so that they deceive and sell out their own selves. I cannot do that. It is not within me. Self esteem does not place more value on others over ones own self respect.

I never acquired stability or support from other people. I never ran to anyone during certain times of challenge. There was nothing in my life that I couldn’t work out for myself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with those who seek or who offer to help those who are in need. Though when it comes to backbone-I can and have always stood alone, holding my own. I was just born that way.

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