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I Can Now Hear My Children Laugh & Play Its an Amazing Sound

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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Were do I start ? Well I noticed my hearing was a little bit bad and had really bad tinatous so kept going to the dr’s to ask for some help but kept getting fobbed off with “oh it’s hayfever” (it was winter ). So in 2004 I went and got a free hearing test done at our local options and they said yes there was hearing loss in my right ear so was sent to a specialist and he confairmed I couldn’t hear below 90 desabels and I have no blance in my left ear , he told me I could have an hearing aid or an operation but I was 24 years old and so just ignored it as at that time my hearing was ok to me.

Anyway as the years went on my hearing got slightly worse , but over the last 7 months I noticed my hearing had got alot worse and was having to ask everyone to repeat them selfs upto 5 times befor I heard them or the person got anoyed and said “oh forget it” which i got upset about as it wasn’t my fault I just couldn’t hear them. Well I went with my son for his two year hearing check and I made a remark afterwards that I couldn’t hear most of the sounds and explained about my hearing so the hearing doctor told me off and said you best get it checked again befor it’s to late to do anything about it.

So that’s when I made my appointment to see the octor and get refaird to a specialist , that was 2 months ago. I went very nervosly to it and had to have another hearing test to be told my right ear yes had got a little worse but my left ear had now caught up and the way it was going I would proberly be deaf in ten years so needed not just one hearing aid but two. I was deverstated and thought my world had ended . I was 32 how can I wear hearing aids , I felt like people would stop,point and stair at me and I wasn’t in a good place at all. Well 5 weeks later I got the letter saying my hearing aids were ready to be picked up and thats when the reality hit me and I crmbled and two days befor I got them I was in tears to my husband , he resured me everything will be fine and thaty ?I need them and he still loved me and nothing will change that.


On the 24th november I went to the hospital to get these dreading things and this is were my veiws to them changed. I can hear my own foot steps when I walk , mmay sound silly to you but I was so excited about these little noises I’d not heard for 10years maybe more. But the biggest one of all was on saturday my two little ones stay over and my other little one came home as he was at his nannas so I had not seen him since befor I got my hearing aids. My eldest little one (5yrs old) thinks mummies magic ears are great bless him as mummie can now hear him. But it wasn’t till last night it darned on me .


Saturday was the first time I had actully heard my children properly and it’s amazing, I can hear them playing upstairs and laughing without having to put the baby montior on which was the only way i could hear them if they were upstairs. I could hear my childrend voises and not just a whisper. to hear your children laughing and playing and telling you they love you is such a gift and a gift upto saturday I had never realised I was missing out on. So thats how I got to hear my children for the frist time and also I can hear the world and it’s fantastic.

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