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I Am Nikon Repair Service : I Am the One Who Repaired My Nikon D800!

By Artborghi @artborghi

Nikon service returned me my broken D800, the verdict being “Total loss: water infiltration or condensation caused oxidation in the camera circuitry: the camera cannot be repaired” (although still under warranty). I could not accept it: I asked around what to do against oxidation on circuitry boards. This is what I did:

1) I unscrewed the D800 plastic covers

2) I localized the oxidized areas on the main boards.

3) I unplugged the oxidized contact wires with eyebrow tweezers

4) With a 12.70 € fiberglass brush (ECOBRA 760 300 Made in Germany) I removed the oxidation from contacts, plates and boards (see pictures below and compare to these ones)


5) With ethanol 70% I cleaned the parts I touched to remove fingerprints and oxide powder

6) I closed back the camera body, turned the camera on and …

… it worked again! With 12.70 € I saved my mostly beloved 2700 € equipment. Below the first picture series shot with Niki, showing the three phases of these terrible days.


   Overwhelming issue   Sitting on pins and needles   Finally unthorned!

Click on each picture to enjoy the clarity of my 16-35 mm f/4 on Niki, my reborn Nikon D800

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