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Hwang Woo Suk – Controversial Cloning Scientist Claims to Have Cloned Eight Coyotes.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Hwang Woo Suk

I love to look at people all over the world on this blog, and to keep my regular followers guessing to whom I am going to look at next. This time it is Korean scientist Hwang Woo Suk. Back in 2006 when Hwang was a national celebrity in his homeland, South Korea, he claimed falsely that he had perfected the cloning of human embryos. For his deception, he received a prison sentence, but the doctor having been released is now back in the news. This time he claims to have cloned eight coyotes, explaining that he had discovered a new cloning technique.

Mr Hwang was born on 29th Jan 1953. This is the official date according to the Gregorian calendar. There are some reports of him born on 15th Dec 52 but this date is the birth date under the Lunisolar Korean calendar, one which many Koreans still prefer to use. Thus Mr Hwang is a Sun Sign Aquarian, very apt for a scientist. Depending on his birth time, Mr Hwang has a Cancer Moon or if he was born just after midday a Leo one. Seeing as he seems to want to always be in the spotlight, I very much suspect he was born in the afternoon or evening.

HwangWoo-Suk natal

Ok, looking at the chart, we have a close Sun Mercury conjunction in Aquarius. My Hwang will see life and will communicate very much his way rather than considering the views of others. This conjunction is square to Jupiter in Taurus. Notice the signs here. Aquarius is very much and independent scientific sign and Taurus is the sign of making things, of creation. Jupiter is also very expansive and optimistic. If you combine it with Mercury, you get the effect of over-exaggeration. That is exactly the charge that Mr Hwang was sent to prison for, over stating the claims he had for being the first in the world to create cloned human embryos. You can see on the chart a quindecile between Saturn and Jupiter. This aspect does encourage one to over estimate one’s worth to gain approval from others, here is the ambition to further one’s ambitions from ethics and moral positions in life. In truth, he can’t help trying to take advantage of his scientific knowledge (Jupiter square Sun in Aquarius) while ethically upsetting the majority of the world’s population. Sometimes in a battle between Jupiter and Saturn, Saturn wins out and authority did crack down very hard on him.

Saturn does sit next to Neptune in conjunction, which is very idealistic in it’s nature and can lead to a almost obsessive chase after an idea or vision, sometimes to such an extent that one can be ostracized or rejected by society as a whole. This conjunction is in social Libra, and the vision he has as we know is people based. This conjunction is trine to Pluto and potentially square to the Moon, so this dream would be an emotional quest, something he would do to gain social acceptance. Maybe it says a little about his relationship to his mother. Saturn square the Moon does suggest a troubled relationship with one’s mother. When one does lack love early in your development, then one later in life tries to get that love through one’s actions, in one’s work for example. The conjunction’s sextile to Pluto does hint at transformation as part of one’s work, transformation in the manipulation of the d.n.a. and cells in the creation of a cloned egg. This Pluto does also make a quindecile to the Sun/Mercury conjunction showing the link between the vision, ambition (Saturn/Neptune) and the science (Sun Mercury in Aquarius). This aspect also shows a focused push to be someone very special , someone who is known worldwide. That ambition he has definitely achieved.

Looking elsewhere on the chart, we have Uranus in Cancer which is not so restrained by traditional family ties and associations trine to Mars conjunct Venus and sextile to Jupiter. Again the sextile doubles the scientific and rebellious nature of his work, blindly going against the morals of general society. Venus Mars is generally rather “pushy” and Mr Hwang has not been a shrinking violet in his quest for scientific notoriety.

Hwang Woo-Suk transits

Right now, transiting Jupiter is square to his Sun echoing the natal square. This claim comes absolutely on time. Transiting Jupiter is approaching it’s natal position, so some good fortune should be shining on Mr Hwang over the next year. With Saturn coming to conjunct his it’s own position in the next year too, it may well be that this time the claims of his new technique in cloning may well be correct, and Saturn return will provide a boost to his credibility.

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