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HUVr Hoover Board. Real? Fake? Ad? Who Cares? It Brought Us Back to Future!

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool

Ads huvr cover

Over the last couple of days the web has been completely flooded up with videos about HUVr, allegedly the same flying skateboard Marty MAcfly was using in the famous Back to the Future movies 25 years ago (incredible – 25 years ago).

The video made us all scream to the miracle, whoever of us always dreamt about this flying skateboard and how it would have been having a ride with it. The video also includes a bunch of celebrities, like the old good Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk and Moby, and yes, it’s the hell of well done. It’s credible, it’s is also officially entitled “Belief” and supported by a very well designed and promoted website.




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