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Hush Little Baby: The Importance of Organic Crib Bedding

By Jenn7448 @babeetalk1

If you’ve considered buying organic produce and organic skincare products, then you should consider buying organic crib bedding for your little one.  If you wouldn’t want to eat harmful chemicals or put them on your skin, why would you want to sleep on them?  Investing in a beautiful organic crib bedding set ensures that your little one will be sleeping on the healthiest sheets possible.

In the beginning months, babies spend a great deal of time sleeping in their cribs, organic bedding greatly reduces the chance their skin will come in contact with irritating dyes or otherwise harmful chemicals sprayed on plants in the fields.  Unfortunately, plants absorb the pesticides sprayed on them, and these chemicals cannot be removed during the manufacturing process.  Certified organic bedding ensures that the material is pesticide free, and will not irritate your baby’s skin.  This is especially important since newborns nap every two to three hours.  Decorating a crib with organic bedding ensures the health of your baby.

Organic crib bedding also helps reduce your family’s carbon footprint.  Your baby has tiny feet; his or her carbon footprint should be just as small!  Organic fabrics are produced by smaller-scale farmers who are dedicated to sustainable practices that benefit the planet.  Instead of using pesticides, these farmers use integrated pest management techniques to produce chemical-free material.  Buying organic products means you’re supporting environmentally conscious farmers.

Organic products simply make the most sense when creating a safe, beautiful space for your little one.  Chemical and pesticide-free, certified organic fabrics will create a blissful sleep for your little one while giving you peace of mind.

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