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Hunter Wallace Urges Southern Nationalists to Abandon the Republican Party

Posted on the 24 June 2015 by Calvinthedog


I do not feel it is proper to refer to Wallace as a White nationalist. First and foremost, he is a Southern Nationalist, and that is quite a bit different. From the point of view of Blacks, Southern Nationalists are preferable to White nationalists, though from a Black standpoint, both of them are awful. Southern nationalists do not want expulsion or extermination of Blacks, nor do they want a separate White state. I suppose they want to bring back the Old South, and there may be some segregation to go along with that. Although that’s awful from the Black POV, it is preferable to separatism, expulsion or extermination.

Wallace does not talk much about Blacks, to his credit. He is one of the least overtly racist voices in that part of the Internet.

Wallace finally reaches the obvious conclusion that I wrote about long ago: The Republican Party is completely sold out to Cultural Marxism. All they care about is money. They will sell out the country and White America so they can workers a bit less. They oppose free trade acts that destroy millions of good White jobs. And due to their Cultural Marxism, they refuse to defend US Whites.

Now mind you, I do not think that Republicans should take promote White politics in the US. I don’t want the Democrats to promote that sort of politics either. But I have long said it was insane for White nationalists and pro-Whites to support this idiotic Republican Party because obviously they care about money only and could give a flying f about White people. If the Republicans could replace every White worker in the US with an illegal alien or a Hindu 1-B, they would do it in a New York minute. I have been saying this forever now. It is discouraging that Wallace took so long to figure it out, but better late than never. At least he gets it.

Guess what, White people? The Republicans are not your friends.

I have nothing against Whites or any others forming nationalist 3rd parties to represent their views. Clearly pro-Whites need a nationalist party that promotes their views. Due to our winner take all political system, such parties are doomed, but if we went to Parliamentary politics, it might be interesting to see how much of the vote a US nationalist party might gather. Personally, I would vote for a non-racist US nationalist (not White nationalist) party just like that.

Neither the Democrats or the Republicans have White interests at heart. In fact, both parties are overtly hostile to White people. I also feel that both the Democrats and Republicans are hostile to what is best for America. Both parties have long been run by rootless cosmopolitan elites, citizens of the global world 1%, people who have no nation or homeland, who care nothing about America as a country and in fact spend most of their time doing things that are objectively bad for the country but good for their rich buddies.

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