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Huge Jewel Raid in Cannes at the Film Festival

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Just reading about the million dollar heist of some jewels in Cannes that were supposed to be worn by many of the red carpet celebrities before the screening of films this week. According to the BBC the jewels were stolen from a safe in the Novotel Hotel room of an employee of exclusive Swiss jewellers Chopard.


I was just looking at the transits chart today and something jumped out at me. For a short period this morning transiting Neptune was square to the midpoint of Venus and Mercury in nimble fingered Gemini. Neptune is the planet of deception, Mercury is the trickster in the sky and when square to Neptune that trickster can turn into a thief and Venus is the planet of beauty and jewels. Also notice that Venus was at the point of a Yod completed by Saturn (on Capulus – see later) and Pluto. Here we have ambition (Saturn) and underground planning and secrets (Pluto) aimed at the the planet of beauty. Saturn the planet of separation and harshness was also making a trine to Neptune which rules the film industry showing the potential for a troublesome act to be carried out at the festival, and at the same time this aspect can make dreams a reality, I guess a double edged sword of an aspect for the thieves and the organisers.

I find it interesting that Mercury was sitting just for the day on Mirfak, a star in Perseus which loves a challenge and Neptune was on Deneb Adige which can be a bit of a nefarious aspect too. To tie things into Cannes, I have to look at the paran aspects between planets and the stars for the latitude there of 43:33 degrees North. At that latitude, Saturn was making a paran link to the star Capulus which is a star sitting in the sword of Perseus. This is a very powerful combination and would bring ambition (Saturn) to carry out one’s plans with ruthless efficiency. Mars was in paran with two stars, Algol in Perseus and Sadalsuud in Aquarius. Mars brings action to the table, Algol adds passion and desire and Sadalsuud is know as the luckiest star in the heavens, so any actions taken may be successful. In the thieves case, this time they were…

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