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How Your Small Business Can Also Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Posted on the 11 February 2014 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa


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*How social media marketing can help your business
*The task of finding customers for your new business
*Using social media to publicise press releases
*Why you shouldn’t ignore B2B marketing

social media promotion How Your Small Business Can Also Benefit From Social Media MarketingStill contemplating on whether your small business can also benefit from Social Media Marketing? Stop thinking, it’s the time for you to take some actions.

Other small businesses are already making use of Social Media Marketing to market their business. Don’t you think your business is being left out?

We are now living in an age where traditional means of advertising – such as print media, television ads and radio ads – are not as effective as they used to be.

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Finding customers for your new business

Getting customers to patronise your new business could be a daunting task. This is why finding customers is one of the key priorities of a new startup.

As a newly established small business, you will agree with me that the business will lack expertise in certain areas such as accounting and marketing due to lack of capital. While the business may offer great products or services, lack of expertise can limit the business potential and slow growth.

However, if you don’t have much capital to invest in traditional marketing, social media is one tool that should be part of your business marketing strategy from day one. Social Media Marketing is also far more affordable than gaining business exposure in the old media.

Startup social media marketing strategies and tips

First of all, when using social media to market your products, bear in mind that it just doesn’t happen quickly. It does take time for businesses to enjoy the rewards of social media marketing campaigns.

It’s very important to be clear on this from the start. It may not cost hard earned cash but it will take time for social media to effectively have impacts on your business.

Interacting with social media will generate profit and the time spent crafting your interactions is the investment. Below are some social media marketing strategies and tips for small business.

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#1). Publicise your product press release

If you are planning to launch a product, social media is a great platform you can use to reach out to people that matters. You can use Twitter to reach out to people like the local journalists in advance to help you get a large coverage relevant to your product on launch day.

Yes, press releases are old-fashion form of marketing but the fact is that they are still effective. You can also get influencers on social media to have a prior knowledge of the products your startup is about to launch.

Using influencers on social media is a brilliant idea because these are people with thousands or millions of followers. As ever, relevant is the key to success when picking them.

#2). Get some good product feedbacks

Product feedback is an awesome way to gain exposure; Twitter is especially a good forum for this type of marketing technique. People are looking for trusted sources of information on products and people trust other people more than they trust sales material.

Getting your product tweeted positively will make a bigger impact than you might at first realise. It’s also a perfect place to conduct market research. You can use Twitter to find out what’s missing in consumers lives.

#3). Diversify your social media activities

Get this straight, social medial marketing is not only about Twitter and Facebook. Remember, social media networks are rapidly growing and changing, other platforms are coming too and the choice this creates is a good thing for small businesses like yours.

However, some platforms may be more appropriate to promote your product than others, but that doesn’t mean you should just leave one for others. Researches have shown that lots of businesses are closing deals on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Your business could also benefit from this if properly administered.

#4). Don’t forget business to business marketing as well

Business to business marketing shouldn’t be overlooked either if you really want to achieve success in your marketing activities. LinkedIn and similar sites can offer great places to forge partnerships, as well as being useful sources of information and/or services from other firms.

Networking has always been crucial to business and working with complimentary firms is one of the oldest tricks in the book to establishing yourself in the early days. This type of thing works both ways and the right attitude to partnership working is essential.

#5). Don’t forget to monitor trends in social networking

Monitoring trends in social networking and checking regularly for new networks is also essential.

Managing a social networking campaign and strategy can be time consuming but it is worth it when you consider the potential for exposure, links and visits back to your site and growth.

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