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How You Should Improve SEO of Your Blog to Attract More Search Engine Traffic

By Mark Henry
How You Should Improve SEO of Your Blog to Attract more Search Engine Traffic

Are you looking for some ways to make your highly ranked on Google, and would like to improve SEO of your blog?

I think you are aware of the fact that getting search engine traffic is hard but buying search engine traffic is easy, isn't?

However, getting organic traffic is the best for your blog as it only sends real and targeted traffic.

There are certain ways in SEO by which you can start getting traffic naturally, some of the actionable and working methods are guest posting campaign, blog commenting, use of Flickr. Through the proper use of search engine optimization, you can get the best of profitable visitors on your blog.

It means users will be seeing more Adsense ads based on their search terms.

So, Why does Search Engine Optimization essential to Blogs?

Once you have made your blog and running the next thing you will need to do is start optimizing your blog posts for the search engines. SEO can be tricky for a beginner, but once you have understood few essential, you can soon find it less easy.

Good SEO based blogs accomplish three things;

1. They are easy to read for the search engines.
2. They are easy to find the targeted audience.
3. They are easy to read by people.

So every single tip you follow to improve SEO for your blog revolves around these three basic concepts.

With that in mind, here are some essential tips to optimize the blog for more search engine traffic.

Tip # 1: Put Quality Content First:

First thing first, the most important thing you should do is putting a good and informative post for your audience-make sure it is easily accessible, easy to read and ultimately appeals to your target audience.

You can start your SEO, once you have put a really good blog post.

Tip #2: Find Targeted Keywords:

While finding target keywords, think yourself as a target audience. Which words you will use to find a related post. It only depends on you how you want readers to find you. With every well-written blog post, there surely have some primary keywords. You can use a number of tools to find related keywords, one of them is Google Wheels-it gives you an idea what Google thinks.

Tip #3 Use Strong Meta Titles and Description:

Good CMS, blogs always include a place for meta titles and description as it tells both search engines and the user what's on the page, convincing the user to click through the website. Meta information is essential in the SEO of a web page.

Make sure you arrange your primary keywords at the beginning of meta title and description.

Tip #4: Analyze your Content and Revise:

The next very essential step in improving the SEO of your blog is to analyze your content and determine which keywords are coming at the top and then appropriately revise it. However, it is not easy to tell which words Google will recognize as primary keywords. You can always take help from a number of available tools like SEO Centro's Meta Tag Analyzer, textanalyser.net, and scribe for SEO; each of them analyses your primary keywords or keyword density.

Tip # 5: Use both Internal and External Links:

Including both internal and external links to the blog is quite important. While the internal links help index your blog, identifies primary keywords and increase the page rank. External links connect to a number of pages outside your web page.

Keywords and links are quite related; overuse of any of them will become spam. So make sure you link quality web pages for both search engines and readers.

Tip # 6: Optimize your URL:

This is one of the easiest and highly overlooked tips for search engine optimization. A good and simple URL should have a couple of keywords, which helps the search engine to determine what is on the page. For example, yoursitename.com/seo_tips provides targeted keywords easy to remember for the reader.

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