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How & When Will You Tell Your Kids Santa Is A Fake?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

How & When Will You Tell Your Kids Santa Is A Fake?While my 12 year old no longer believes in Santa I have 5 other children who do. I want them all to believe as long as possible. There is something magical about that man in the red suit, that magical and excited feeling of the reindeer landing on your roof and him coming down your chimney while you sleep.

Our house is full of Santa talk and I will miss this when all the children grow up and know its really boring mom and dad who buys and sets out the presents at night while they sleep.

While I don’t often lie to my kids, I will continue to lie about Santa for as long as possible.

I asked other mums: How & When Will You Tell Your Kids Santa Is A Fake? 

Never. That way, they can blame bearded stranger for yet another pair of Christmas pajamas for all eternity.Says Pushy Mother

I’m hoping they come to realize as they grow that he’s not real – so I don’t have to tell themsays Mummy Central

 I don’t know to be honest. My parents never told me, I just found out as I got older from other children. Think I would like to leave it as long as possible as I feel when you find out Santa isn’t real, it takes some of the magic out of Christmas Says Nicola

Santa fake? (cries) I would tell them when there old enough to understand… explain Santa if for little kids and that now there older I have to decide weather there been good or bad Says Tanita

About 6 and I am going to tell him father Christmas has retired he to old to do it now and all the mommy and daddy said they take over and do the job Says Samantha

Have absolutely no idea Says Stevie

I am not really going to tell my little girl there is one, that way she wont be upset when she finds out he is not real. If she wants to believe in him its up to her Says Amanda

Santa’s fake :O. I won’t tell her, my parents never told me. Let their imagination run wild for as long as possible, they don’t stay little for long! Says Sarah

I’m going tell my little one maybe around 8 that Santa only delivers pressies for younger children and as they get older mommy and daddy take over so that Santa doesn’t have as much to do on Xmas eve Says Kayleigh

When I know that they know for certain I will confess, not sure about my 13 year old but my 11 year old still believes Says Lisa

To be honest I hate to sound like a bad mom so please don’t judge, but, when I was little I was heartbroken to learn Santa wasn’t real and I was so angry at my parents for lying to me. So I have decided to let my little one know the real meaning of Christmas and that mommy and daddy buy the presents. I still take him to see Santa and tell him that Santa is a symbol of Christmas, but I would much rather him know the truth than a lie, sorry Says Gina

Before she gets to high school I’ll tell her, I wouldn’t want her to get bullied by other kids Says Becky

I found out father Christmas was not real when I was nine, got up to go to the toilet one Christmas eve and saw my mom eating the mince pies and my Christmas card to Father Christmas was down the back of the microwave the next day ): haha. Not sure how I’ll tell little one though Says Bec

When I have the urge I am going to sit them down and say..look kids its been me the whole time, blame your nan she made me lie to you  Says Doz

I am going to try and keep them believing for as long as possible Says Casandra

What about You?

How & When Will You Tell Your Kids Santa Is A Fake?  

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