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How to Wear the LBD When Black Isn’t Your Best Colour

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
how to wear a lbd how to wear a lbd by imogenl featuring black dresses

What about ‘the little black dress’? I am a ‘summer’ (cool, soft and light colouring) and therefore black is not a good color for me, yet I would love to wear a little black dress on special occasions. Would I be able to get away with that?

Wear it at night

When you turn out the lights, you can’t see colours in the same way.  The light at night is not as bright, and there is already so much shadow around, black isn’t as harsh on skin.

Fabric Choice

Look for a black dress  in a fabric that make the black less black.  Silk will generally make a color less intense, versus satin.  Mesh, lace or chiffon are a bit see-through and therefore your skin will slightly alter the affect of the black and soften it down.

Consider the Neckline

A lower neckline will cast less shadow on your face as compared to a high neckline.  Cool dark shadows will increase the appearance of lines, wrinkles and double chins.

Up the Makeup

Adding a bit more foundation and a stronger lip color can help to compensate for an unflattering color.

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