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How to Wear the High-Low Fashion Trend

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

High-Low Fashion Trend You know the crazy moment after you buy a car and then suddenly you see other people driving your same car everywhere?  Well, recently, this happened to me with the high-low fashion trend.  Last week, while spending time with my extended family, I saw my cousins, Faye (pictured left) and her sister, Erin, both wearing this trend.  It caught my eye and since then I’ve seen the high-low fashion trend everywhere.  In fact, walking around my neighborhood today, I saw two women wearing it within two blocks of each other.  I know this trend isn’t something new, however, it has definitely met critical mass.

Now, it’s easy for my beautiful college aged cousin to wear this trend well, after all, didn’t we all look good in anything and everything when we were her age?  Yet, when we get older, certain trends are harder to pull off.  However, if done right, there are plenty of ways to embrace the high-low fashion trend and make it work.  Here are some high-low looks for all lifestyles.

High-Low Fashion Trend for Dressy

High Low Dress Look 1

High Low Dress Look 1 by bridgetteraes  

I think one of my favorite ways to wear the high-low fashion trend is in a dressy manner.  Something about the way a dress like this cascades and flows in the background is really pretty.  Here, I chose a black dress with a hem that can showcase a pair of contrast colored platforms.  With such a statement dress, you don’t need much more than a pair of earrings and a fabulous clutch.

High-Low Fashion Trend For Casual

high-low fashion trend
High Low Dress Look 2 by bridgetteraes  If you don’t have much of a reason to get all dressed up you can still embrace the high low fashion trend casually.  In fact, if you are petite, a high-low dress is a great alternative to a full-length maxi dress.  A low sandal or wedge works perfectly.

High-Low Fashion Trend for Skirts

high-low fashion trend

High Look Skirt – Look 3 by bridgetteraes 

The high-low fashion trend isn’t limited to dresses, it can be found in skirts, as well.  Just like the dress featured above, a high-low skirt is a fantastic alternative if you are petite, or, if you just want to show a little leg, a great solution.

High-Low Fashion Trend for Work

High Low Skirt - Look 4

High Low Skirt – Look 4 by bridgetteraes  

While I’m not totally convinced that the high-low fashion trend is appropriate for work, Ann Taylor did feature this skirt as a look to consider at the office.  I guess it all depends on your workplace’s dress code.  Regardless, work style-wise, I think this trend needs to be polished looking.  In this outfit, I treated the skirt like a blue pencil skirt and chose more structured and tailored pieces to finish it.

What do you think of the high-low fashion trend?

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