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How To Wear Jeans and a Top for Your Personality Style

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Can you show how each of the personal styles (classic, relaxed, elegant, etc) using the same base such as a pair of jeans and a top?

This is a question I recently received from a reader.  So I’ve put together some images to help you see some examples of different ways each of the personality dressing styles expresses themselves in the same outfit.

Styling Your Jeans and Top For Your Personality

How to wear jeans and a top for your personality style

Classic Style

Simple, dark indigo denim, straight leg, nothing extreme (classic) and a button-up white shirt, a simple pair of cold earrings and a no-fuss black ankle boot.

Relaxed Style

Comfortable boyfriend jeans with a striped knit top, a pair of comfy sneakers and simple wooden hoop earrings.  No fuss, comfy, get up and go.

Dramatic Style

A more extreme modern flare shape with some star details, a black and white animal print top with some large scale black and white earrings and a pair of tiger striped heels

Creative Style

Patchwork jeans with a funky sandal and asymmetric top with some boho feather earrings

Feminine Style

Floral embroidered jeans in a light wash, with a pretty  fitted puffed sleeve pastel top, some shiny ballet flats and floral fabric earrings

Rebellious Style

Ripped black skinny denim jeans, leopard print alluring tank with leopard boots and a cross on a black velvet ribbon choker.

Elegant Chic Style

Wide-leg flowing white jeans with a soft blouse with a small elbow detail with nude booties and an elegant pair of earrings.

Mixing The Personality Styles in a Jeans and Top Outfit

Of course, you are an interesting and multi-dimensional person, so of course, you will pull from more than one of the personality dressing styles.  Here are just a few examples of some mixes of just two of these styles.

how to mix personality styles in jeans and top outfits

Relaxed with Elegant Chic

Bootcut denim with a little distressing with a soft blouse, modern peral necklace, snakeskin flats and gold leaf earrings

Classic with Relaxed

Take your Classic indigo, distressing free denim, then add a striped Breton top, nicely fitted, never sloppy add a soft scarf, and a pair of suede ankle boots.

Feminine with Relaxed

Loose boyfriend jeans for comfort paired with a pretty floral blouse with a pair of pink strappy flat sandals and a pair of sparkling earrings.

Dramatic with Feminine

Darker modern cut denim jeans with a large scale floral top, some fun floral wedges and large scale tassel earrings.

Create Your Own Jeans Outfits For Your Personality

It’s time for you to create your own jeans and top outfits that reflect your personality.

Jeans Outfits for Your Personality

Classic dark denim, with comfy Relaxed flat boots, a stretchy white jacket Relaxed and a little Feminine, with a large scale butterfly scarf (Dramatic and Feminine).

If you want to learn what your core personality style is – take my free quiz here.

Then if you want to take your knowledge on personality dressing styles to the next level, you’ll get the complete insight and how-to in my 7 Steps to Style program, as the entire first step is all about how to use these dressing styles to create your authentic style.

How To Wear Jeans and a Top for Your Personality Style


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