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How to Upgrade to a Luxury Holiday

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair
How to Upgrade to a Luxury Holiday

How to Upgrade to a Luxury Holiday

Whether there’s a special occasion on the horizon or you just fancy treating yourself, a trip abroad is a great way to do this. It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your holiday, relax in complete luxury and enjoy the finest food on offer.

So, how do you take your holiday to the next level? Here are three ways you can feel like a VIP on your trip abroad:

  1. Fly by Private Jet

Forget about business class or first-class travel. Forget about commercial airlines completely actually and charter a private jet! What could be more luxurious than comfortable leather seats, beds complete with feather duvets and brushed cotton pajamas and restaurant-quality cuisine…

Sounds good right? Well, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. With empty leg flights, you can enjoy huge discounts on one-way flights, so you can arrive on holiday in style. It’s perfect if you’re not too fussy about your destination or you’re looking for a last-minute trip abroad.

How to Upgrade to a Luxury Holiday

With the pilot before leaving Kaieteur National Park

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With the pilot before leaving Kaieteur National Park

  1. Stay at a Mystery Hotel

Fancy booking a 4* or 5* hotel but at massively discounted rates? You can do this if you don’t mind the twist – you don’t find out the name of the hotel until it has been confirmed.

You can save hundreds of pounds in one of these unnamed luxury hotels. The hotels stand to benefit too, because they can fill any of their empty beds without upsetting their usual customer base who pay full price by offering slashed prices to others.

Check out the very handy guide by Money Saving Expert if you want to find out more about how secret hotel deals work and how you can get the best from them.

How to Upgrade to a Luxury Holiday

Elcectic Hotel in Nagorno Karabakh – Nobody Has Ever Heard of It

  1. Book Ahead for Exclusive Dining

To dine at the finest restaurants, book ahead and lock in a table so you don’t end up waiting for hours, or even with a McDonalds burger in front of you as a last resort…

Avoid disappointment (and hunger) by doing some research in advance. Get recommendations either from friends or from top rated restaurants on TripAdvisor, and if there’s a particular exclusive restaurant you want to try, you can book a table there in advance, so you don’t miss out. Also, remember that it may not be as busy if you decide to go there for lunch instead of a la carte if you’re struggling to get a table.

How to Upgrade to a Luxury Holiday

Fine dining

If you’re looking for a luxury holiday, you can avoid the huge price tag or any disappointment when you follow our three easy tips. Stay at the best hotels, enjoy luxury cuisine and arrive there in style in a private jet to take your holiday to the next level!

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