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How to Travel Stylishly // En Route to Napa Valley

By Styleofsam @styleofsam

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Photography by Mr. S

Happy Friday and hooray for the weekend! I’m so pumped because we have an “official date night”. Our friends invited us to a dinner auction that benefits a local school. The part that is SO EXCITING, besides getting a night out with my man AND seeing friends, is that it’s themed Hollywood Nights! You KNOW I’m crazy about themes AND dressing up! My friend, Ginger, has sent me some pics of her possible outfit and I’m LOVING it! Can’t wait to get dolled up for that evening!

BTW, I know the pictures are really bright because I was in DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Mr. S and I tend to have “creative differences”, so I chose not to upset my photographer in this instance! ;)

So, I have this thing with traveling that drives Mr. S crazy. Mr. S calls it “Runway-ed up” and thinks I’m overdressed at the airport, but I prefer calling it being “put together”. I think it stems from my childhood. We rarely flew, so it was a very special occasion when we did. I like dressing up for special occasions, and there you have it. It all makes sense now! (Now, I’m not the best at packing so I’ll have to come up with a better solution before I share any of those tips with you.)

Here are some of my secrets on how to look fab while flying!


  • Wear layers. Sometimes, the plane is a freezing blizzard and sometimes it’s the Sahara desert. Layers are the perfect solution. You can add or remove as needed depending on the fluctuating temperatures. I have on a simple black dress (base), vintage scarf (layer 1 – adding some color and warmth), fuzzy jacket (layer 2 – adding major warmth).
  • Bring a scarf. I’m talking about the bigger scarves, like a blanket scarf or equivalent to a 55″ x 55″ square (speaking in Hermes terms). It does double/triple duty as an accessory, to use as a blanket, and to cover your tote (if you use an open or unzipped tote as your personal item).
  • Wear easy shoes. That differs depending on the person, but my definition is something that I can easily slip on or off with Little M in tow. Usually, I reach for flats (not as often because I LOVE my heels) or a boot with a stacked heel. I have on the Dolce Vita fringe boots which are super comfy and very easy to wear because of the thicker heel. Don’t do what I’ve done in the past and wear sky-high platform wedges. Even though they are “comfy” and easy to walk in, they are not safe for carrying little ones and toting around heavy luggage! You risk breaking your ankle or dropping something important!
  • Never leave home without your shades. Oversized sunglasses are PERFECT if you’re heading to the airport at the crack of dawn but only had time for clothes sans makeup. Plus, you’ll need them on your trip! I’m wearing “normal sized” cat eye sunglasses just because that’s what I was loving at the moment.
  • Easy access jewelry. I’m definitely guilty of wearing an arm party to the airport which either takes forever to disarm myself in security or will cause a wanding after going through the scanner. Remember, if you can, to keep it simple for security. You can keep your jewelry in your handbag, and then pile it on after you’re cleared!
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. This is a MUST for me since I have naturally dry skin. On the morning of my flight, I will MOISTURIZE the hell out of my  eyes, face, and neck in anticipation of the drying air. For puffy/tired eyes, my friend, Mary, swears by these Honest Hazel eye gels before you land. (I want to try them next time.) P.S. Purchase a bottle of water after you’ve finished at security to keep yourself hydrated in-flight.

Mr. S and I flew into San Francisco and then enjoyed a beautiful road trip driving to Napa in a rental car. We were able to check into our hotel, and then head off to our first adventure, an olive oil tasting and tour at Round Pond. Since my travel outfit was appropriate, I quickly freshened up and we headed over to the estate. That last picture is one of the tasting courses offered at Round Pond, and it was delish! Plus, they give you the recipes for all of the courses so that you can recreate Napa when you get home! Thanks to my friend, Elizabeth, for the recommendation.

BTW, I highly recommend Hotel Yountville if you want a great getaway spot in Napa Valley. The location is so close to many of the vineyards, and we could walk to yummy destinations like Bouchon Bakery. It is beautiful and so romantic. Seriously, the breakfasts at the Hopper Creek Kitchen were out of this world. We couldn’t get over how FRESH everything tasted.

Hopefully, some of these travel style tips help on your next trip!  Let me know of any travel tips that save YOU! I’d love to hear them!


dress TOGGERY c/o (last seen here) || scarf VINTAGE {similar}

jacket IRO {in black, longer version, similar for less}

fringe boots DOLCE VITA || bag CHLOE {different shade of pink}


sunglasses QUAY c/o || lips 100% PURE in Foxglove

How to Travel Stylishly // En Route to Napa Valley
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Rxoxo, Sam

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