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How to Take Charge of Business Social Media

Posted on the 17 May 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Is your business social media unruly, ignored or scary?


Take important business minded social media management steps right now — today to bring your business social media back in line to the original goals you set up. Rolling dice and taking a chance is okay, make yours an informed gamble.


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Business savvy, responsible social media management steps and shortcuts you can take care of right now:

  • Update your business company profile with a photo,  phone number and address
  • Feature business awards, certifications, testimonials, what customers say about you — use a direct quote if you can
  • Get product and service pricing on your social network sites, in a narrative or call to action such as call me for a quote at 555.555.5555 place your obvious phone number right there
  • Tell your customers about your social media outreach after you’ve read it twice and seen it on many browsers IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and two mobile phones
  • Delete all spam from your comments and posts
  • Monitor all business social profiles, delegate the task to someone with good business and common sense
  • Set up a weekly posting calendar, schedule posts in advance of sales
  • Strive to post two to three times per week on social networks, share news, tips and suggestions, give great advice
  • Read the competitors social media profiles at least weekly
  • Respond to comments as soon as they’re seen.  Say thank you, please and you are welcome to compliments
  • Respond to negative comments immediately. Respond with a simple sentence such as “let’s see what we can do to help resolve this, please contact (email address or phone number)”
  • Followup comments received by providing comments of your own
  • Seek engagement of customers by asking questions such as “Have your heard…”, “Did you know that…”, ask about the readers opinion, strive to receive feedback
  • Hire an experienced, social media manager with business experience just like me ↑ to see my Packages and Pricing Page CLICK HERE


Stop allowing business social media to be unruly, ignored or feared today CLICK HERE.


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