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How to Stop Cravings for Halloween Treats That Wreak Havoc on Your Physique!

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

How to Stop Cravings for Halloween Treats That Wreak Havoc on Your Physique!It’s getting to be that time of year in which candies line the shelves of all your favorite stores, holiday parties centered around junk food start happening every weekend, and sugary “treats” begin to make their way into your kitchen.  However, you don’t have to gain weight along with the rest of the people you know this holiday season.  You can be the one who says “no” to the junk food and sets a good example for everyone else.

The way I resist the temptation to eat “just one” piece of candy (you know what happens when you get started with “just one” don’t you?) is that I just imagine how I feel during and after eating the candy — headaches, fatigue, moodiness, water retention caused by carb loading, and a vague nauseated sensation.  This is enough for me to easily say “no” to junk foods.  I’d rather just eat a salad and actually feel ENERGIZED after eating.

But if resisting Halloween treat temptations is a little more difficult for you, there’s also a great supplement called CarbCrave Complex:.  Many of my health coaching clients swear by this formula to help them resist the urge to eat the cake, cookies, candy corns, and other waistline wreckers that tend to creep into the home and office.

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