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How to Steal Your Popular Power, Energy and Soul and Feng Shui Opportunity Torre De Cristal for Education

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

How to Steal Your Popular Power, energy and soul and Feng Shui opportunity Torre de Cristal for educationOne of the issues is untalked about how people steal power, the soul and energy of the other.
It is more common, so you can understand, and that goes beyond the realm of physical dimension with people and extends in the non-physical dimension with non-physical beings.

People on earth have what is called the soul, or personal power. The human soul is something that can be taken or given or stolen. The act of "theft soul" is a common occurrence for people in relationships that make a person a person or dominant authority.
People also an energy field or aura call. A common problem that most people have is that somewhere in life, have dis-connected to their own personal power or soul, and for this reason will depend on the energy of others. The term "energy vampire" or "psychic vampire" is a concept often misunderstood, but is basically a person who lives and feeds on the life force or energy of another. The person "energy vampire" actually is unable to develop its own energy, which in turn have to go "out" themselves for energy. the leading cause of theft or power supply is a lack of connection with your own personal power or soul, as if you yourself had to connect on a deeper level that would have no other use for energy. It is very common in humans, although few people are really aware of protecting regarding their own power, use of, or stolen by others. at a deeper level, taking or someone else power it is based on the ability of another person, and there is a lower level of consciousness that people have chosen from the operation.

A common belief is that energy vampires negative people or the use of negativity without being overturned that true. You can take your energy to someone only through contact to talk to them, hear, see, or in terms of space for them because of their geographical proximity (as if you were standing close to someone else). This has nothing to do with the negative, you have to do with someone who is energetic in a lower vibration, and deal with them, take their energy.

What is even more interesting, most people who take or use the power of another, do not know what they do. In fact, most do not understand people, how energy works, so you do not know your energy, drain. People who, how energy works are also consumers understand and energy to others what they call "professional thieves", which means that actually voluntarily choose others who have the use of energy. I had a friend at a time in my life who told me that he would "steal" energy from others voluntarily, feeding energy from other people. I asked how he did it, and she said, "head." He said people to its design with only his thoughts and only one eighth, indicates it can bring you take the power, I asked.?, For a person to pay attention to you, and she said yes, pay attention to me that give me energy makes this makes little sense, because. what people focus, they tend to give them energy. I was always tired and exhausted after this "friend".

Every time we have a relationship or interaction with other people, a different person, we have the relationship or interaction will be based on two levels.

The first level, the level of the donor is a person who does not have any hidden agenda or desire or have control, power over others. This level is how people should work with another. This level is what fairness and respect in the universe the way that "supposedly" is functioning as a human being. In the world of men are creatures who "share" to be your energy with each other, and not take an energy of another and not give something back in return.

The donor is a person who is connected to the "light", as they say, which means that person / inner soul has a relationship with his own power and no need to use other people for energy, as their own for develop energy. Here's how you "supposedly" is functioning as a human being.

-The Giver has an energy field (aura), which has developed its own energy and is in turn the energy of others.
The second level is the level of user / abuser and tenants.
user is the man who has decided to master control has to compensate for power over each other to manipulate or as a way for his own lack of power, understanding and soul. You may not be aware of his actions and functions on "autopilot", not really knowing who they are and why they work, how they do it.

Some users have on others and steal aware of the strength, energy and souls of others.
Users tend to associate with other users and providers often avoid these kinds of people. The user can in high-profile positions, such as teachers, healers, leaders, etc. The user is more common in the human race, while the dispenser. This is saying mainly by unhealthy choices and spiritually connected to its own power and soul. The user tends to run in fear, which is due to their own lack of power, understanding and a higher consciousness. User functions to a level at which the non-physical nature of a function of the dark nature, which is another level to feed another to dominate others, or try to control the other.
-User Has the energy field (aura) that is reversed, which means that your own energy, which gets its energy from outside itself does not develop another.

When we treat ourselves in which the energy exchange completely invisible to the naked eye social or sexual relationship. If a user is working with another user, there is little flow between the two is lost or stolen, as they are user and provider operating on the same level.

When a user activates a donor, there is an imbalance of energy exchanges. This means that the user does not provide power or change of their lack of power, while the donor tends to "give" power to the other person you are looking for. So this imbalance creates an unhealthy relationship between two people, as a person accepts the other person is. Since the user relationship can actually developed all parts of the power or the soul of another person to steal is a donor. These parts of the food or soul that have been stolen from the donor are unknowingly by their lack of understanding of how the functions of the soul in an energy level with respect to the "soul loss." Robbed in the personal power usually create openings or holes in the area of ​​energy. when a person holes to develop in your field that begins are "vulnerable energy", ie, have the power, the lack of them, which in turn made them non-physical beings energetically open to be. fitting of non-physical beings in a human energy field is what makes the lower levels of a person of conscience, to develop energy and power. lost the greatest power that a person has stolen another person, more power to this person and this person will energetically vulnerable.

It is important to understand that we live in a world that does not really friendly and affectionate nature is, even if you think they are. The darkest truth of life is that this world we live in is based on fear often done by nature, the lowest level of the people, and the dark consciousness. Because it would be when we live in a world of love no need to fight to fight, have power over the other, start wars or hurt others.

The fact that people have lived for thousands of years, and have created nothing but another disease, pain and misery is just one example of how people operate on a deeper level.
Now I think it's time for a change. We need to understand what this problem is incorrect.
We must decide to understand what we are, and learn to make the decision to not live in fear, or to give our power to another or let fear and energy in our lives lower level.

Until we understand that it is not necessary to be afraid of pain or suffering, never change.
For the election to be spiritually intelligent it is to understand what we really are.
What we are, no living man breathes, but are much more than that. We are beings of soul trapped in a physical body until we choose to leave this world.

So if a person who comes to steal their power, what would you say?
Do not! You can not steal my power, you go get your own power and strength and others to leave for their own personal gain. If we do not choose to allow others to use us, we choose to be empowered to not let others make us sick by our own choice.
Let's talk about how people make their energy and strength, because there are many.

1. Eye and body position when talking to someone.
The eyes are an important tool for energy transfer. The eyes were the "window to the soul" for a reason. We can feed through the eyes of give and take. If someone has to focus on it, you need to see. When people see something to focus on what they see, what gives you energy and attention. What you focus on your energy. Moreover, the body and the body position is very important. right in front of energy vampires standing gives them direct access to your heart chakra and the center of his being. It is the position of the body that is not an advantage when it comes to people who absorb energy from others. So when we talk with someone, the other used for energy, not trying to make eye contact with them or treat them right.
2. conflict
concentrated energy with other people in them and feed them. This is how more energy is supplied. So what we will do, is you get to fight them, talk to them, play emotional games and flying in the situation. They feed on your emotional reaction. They will try to "play" to his game. They feed injected into the conflict of energy. The simplest way (and oldest) to the energy and power to steal someone is an argument or a conflict to start with them and give their answer. So if someone starts to start with you some kind of conflict, you should consider whether it is worth your energy to "fight". Some battles are best treated by foot and say no.
3. insults, gossip, emotional attacks
People will have to react emotionally and to feel bad. People who need your mind to focus on them and what they are handled. So what better way then it calls names or emotionally attacked in any way? Most all have their electrical time around to see you hurt or shame, or weak or helpless. Therefore, this method includes various acts of Ser degrade their quality. They deal in a way that your car emotional harm.
4.People treat it as if you are, of power and domination games worthless or helpless
A similar tactic is to try to treat it as you are of little value, or someone who is not a skill or particular quality. As a "boss" has power over their employees they should be treated as they are under, and when employees accept their belief that give a certain amount of energy. The way that parents have authority over their children is to give them the limiting beliefs such as "you're not good enough," or "You never achieved." to maintain the limitation on the faith is another way the power to rob someone.
5. Talking, Making redundant or useless questions
A simple and share with others for their energy to ask unnecessary questions. You need to talk to someone so that energy is not an effective method to stop not hear or speak. Someone will come and ask, "Do you know where the supermarket" when just across the street supermarket, and they know very well, exactly where it is. Or they talk and talk and anything that a deposit of negativity is not necessary, you can talk about the end just to hear them speak. The more you listen, the more energy is given, the more, the more energy you give talk.
6. Try to be the center of attention
Some people, when they enter a room extremely strong conference and try to make their presence known. It is a subtle method of supplying energy, attention is designed to pull up, focused on them as well, so that power. People who constantly have to be attention have serious internal problems, paid by others love and need attention. This is what young children if they do not get what they want, cry and create drama. People are not allowed to enter his life and force them to pay attention to them when they are not worth your attention.
7. dumping negative or emotional or serious shit on you
Regarding point 4, dumping heavy things or emotionally to you. Negativity is very tiring, so that a person can sit and talk about their problems, and how things go wrong, and how life is so difficult, and so on, and before you know it drains, and feet feeling grew because its light is only fed her that black shit dumping. Again, the lesson has boundaries with people.
8. Affective or serious relationships
Emotional or draining relationship is difficult and some people are trying these relationships. Connected with the number 1, this relationship becomes drama, pain, emotions and strong conflicts. constant bickering is a sure way to give your energy and strength. Understand that you could die at any time and pass your annoying and out of shape because of a woman or a man who is in a relationship time is an extremely unhealthy existence. Avoid drama or anything emotionally difficult under any circumstances.
9. Sex / Transport
One of the easiest ways to drain a person's sex. Sex is not only physical interaction, there is an energy and spiritual interaction. The largest "feeder" who knew sex as a weapon of choice. Understand that if you are a "donor" power as very few people, and has sex with a "feeder" are essentially a choice of vitality and energy to provide the force moment of physical pleasure, Well, sex does not it is a bad thing, but when it starts to be emptied, then you need to find someone else to have this experience. We are not giving here on this planet to another of our power, we are able to grow here as a collective group of beings, and beings, if left untreated to play, we change the same game we are and we need to change these relationships.
10. The invasion of personal / space very close to sick people
This is a bit more advanced, but some people may simply feed by standing near you. more or less, since their energy field (aura) around the body at a distance of 5 feet, only feed on your energy in your area standing by those who have more experience "feeder". You would not believe the number of people who have tried me not be around to feed my will. It's almost a joke. But that is what some of expiry of his strength and energy to steal.
11. Remote Power alias "Cording"
Another advanced of the used method are highly qualified is to concentrate their energy away. Yes, some people can really feed your mental energy your opinion and focuses on "Cording" with you. work "Strings" in very thin wires as energy is (almost like tentacles) connected to feed them. Some people may your path leads to your project and to suck and steal the energy from you. It is necessary from the eye usually far, but it can be done and what is happening daily by those in the other energy-using fast.
12. clues given
Unlike normal "strings" of energy, psychic cables are a psychic connection you have with another person. You can still have dreams with a particular person, or you can think of someone else constantly. You can think of someone and talk to them and they said they only thought about you. It is mental connections and some of them are not healthy because people who are related to "mental" are not healthy. If you are not emotionally connected to someone who is sick, can some of your energy and strength through dreams and other methods of psychological interaction absorbed.
13. Violence, fear, anger and intimidation
An extreme form to steal the power of other people trying to intimidate or physically attack, because if someone comes to you to hurt you, you have no choice but to fight back. It will be, that defended drainage. It is the serious emotional shit you go through while defending it ran out. It is the fear you feel when someone is trying to threaten physical harm, dehydrated. Fear and anger are the same, so if someone with them that anger makes you angry and upset leave drainage. They are all extremely misleading and manipulative way some people use our power to steal. Therefore, be careful to try to scare or hurt. The defense is necessary in some cases, but not all. The way of the warrior is to avoid conflict at all costs, and walking is sometimes the best defense. Fear anyone, unless you can be afraid. Fear is very daunting, and it is the greatest instrument of all the power and energy of the other person to steal. When everyone could get to worry about what a great teacher of the authorization could tell. But people choose to be afraid. It is a learned response and frequent choice among people who are not in their power. People can also project their fears and anger and negative emotions in you as a kind of psychic attack and drain well. Information in its possession to stand and develop emotional control and react less to live in fear.
How to Steal Your Popular Power, energy and soul and Feng Shui opportunity Torre de Cristal for education
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In the fascinating world of Fengshui, it & rsquo; s a cure. Right bring good luck to help in a crisis situation, Fengshui elements are present as a remedy for all problems. The crystals have a very important role in this ancient philosophical system. One of the most important elements of Fengshui crystal is the Torre de Cristal. This tower is the Chinese pagoda and a wider shaped base, tapering towards the top.

Fengshui is the origin of ancient Chinese civilization. These days, most of the structures in China were made in the form of pagodas. These buildings were the temples. There is a significant increase in the number of levels in a typical pagoda. The fundamental importance of this specific form of a pagoda in the center of energy in the sky.
An interesting fact about Chinese pagodas is that they can be a number of levels: three, five, seven or nine. Therefore, this cable design. The largest number of aircraft in a pagoda glass, the better the development of energy and concentration tower is clearly bring mental thoughts and goals in life, which ultimately leads to a better connection between earth and sky. These beautiful glass towers bring good luck and positivity to a certain place.

The importance of Crystal Towers

fengshui glass towers represent many things.
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fengshui glass towers are perfect to provide educational support to students. Many people have used the fact and attest that the immediate update has been observed by the use of a glass tower.

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