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How to Start Haulage Business

Posted on the 29 January 2018 by Kingsleyumeh
How to start  haulage businessKick starting a haulage and logistic business isn't a difficult task, only if you get it kicked in the right way. Earning money as a haulage and logistic owner, as a staff or transporter anywhere around the world is a good thing, though it involves high capital and full of risks.
Do you need the techniques involved to start a haulage and logistic company? Are you searching for the guidelines, rules procedure and steps to take in other to operate a haulage and logistic business smoothly?
To own a haulage and logistic company, operate a smooth fleet of interstate commuter with luxurious buses and minibus, etc. you must know and be conversant with several routes and cities within the country you operate.
Haulage and logistic company basically deals with transportation. It is necessary to note that this company is not dealing with transporting of human being only, in fact, haulage and logistic company earn massively in conveying goods and products (both raw and finished materials) with the company “trailers” and “tankers”  from coast to coast.
They make thousands of dollars per trip, awesome, right? Yes... you too can make and earn more than this income, steadily by setting up your haulage and logistic company own in and outside your state.
Essence, to start a haulage and logistic company, you are required to take into consideration, the following surefire steps involved to successfully run this business without any problem now and thereafter.
1.Draw your Business Plan

Since you are starting the business from the scratch, you will need to sit down and draw out your business plan. If accurately and adequately drawn, the haulage and logistic company is not going to have any problem whatsoever.
Highlights in your plan what will be the mission and vision statement of the company; the number of the staff to be employed cum numbers of the vehicle to secure; number of luxurious buses, minibuses, trailers and many more. All these are what is expected of you to do before anything.
Ensure that the business plan is drawn in such a way that it will be easy for you to execute. Make sure that there is no any form of error or mistake in the business plan because if it they exist, the haulage and logistic company is bound to have problem.
2.Embark on Survey

Obviously, it is very necessary to embark on a thorough survey before kick starting this business. You need to carry out a research in the competitive markets of haulage and logistic business.
Know the cities people patronize more and often, which goods, products and services is really fetching in money, how much is being charged on hired and charted luxurious buses to mention but a few.
To succeed, make profit and maintain steady cash flow in haulage and logistic company, it is daunting on you to embark on market survey to see how the business is being operated. There is no harm in contacting or visiting already exist haulage company to seek for help and guidance on how the company could be run efficiently, effectively and successfully.

While highlighting the steps to take in starting a haulage and logistic company, location as an important step should never be jest with. You will need to look out for a very lucrative and commercial environment very wide enough to grace the purpose of the business to be established.
During the course of your survey, you will get to see the kind of environment that suit for this business. A narrow area is not encouraging because of the nature of the vehicles and long buses that will be driving in and out of the company. Look for an area that has a T-Junction to enable a U-turn and easy movement of the transportation means.
4.Register Your Haulage and Logistic Company

Your haulage and logistic company must be duly registered with the government agency responsible for transportation scheme and also, you are to incorporate the haulage company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) before your company can take off the haulage and transportation business across the state lines.
Your interstate and intrastate commuter buses and long vehicle or “goods-only” trailer should have an inscription of your company for easy identification and protection under your company's name.
If your company is operating an intra-city commuter shuttle, cab or taxis within a specific city or state, you may not necessarily need to wait for government accreditation.
However, be informed that there are major forms of business registration you need do with local transportation agencies or authorities overseeing shuttle commuters across and along every designated city routes.
For interstate commuter luxurious or minibuses, articulated-lorry and trucks, tankers conveying people, products or goods across interstate boundaries, you are expected to have with you, the legal clarification and certifications before operating your haulage and logistic business or else, you will run foul the law and may have your vehicles seized.
5.Employ good and experienced drivers

Remember Haulage and logistics business is a very risky one,you wouldn't want to lose your trucks to bad and less experienced drivers.The need for employing drivers to run your haulage business is very paramount,it's adviceable to take a proper background check up about the drivers maybe from the past business organizations he has worked with to give you an head-up to know whom you are working with.
6.Insurance Cover

Having meet up with the government requirements for certification and accreditation of your logistics company, what you should do next is to ensure you have insurance covers for your vehicles.
Your “goods-only” tankers and luxurious buses are encouraged to have a valid and solid insurance policy cover in order to protect your business in cases there is any auto mishaps.
Obtain comprehensive and valid insurance policy per trip for your luxurious buses, trucks, lorries and tankers before setting out for business. Such high risk insurance cover could yet be underwritten by multiple insurance companies so as to make sure that compensation claims are evenly spread among them when the God-forbid claims arise.
7.Kick Start

If you followed all the explained steps sequentially, then your haulage and logistic company is fit and ready to kick off hence, without wasting more time, kick start!

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