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How to Stand Out on Social Media as a New Entrepreneur

Posted on the 15 March 2018 by David Mark @Ataghan_micheal
How to Stand Out on Social Media as a New Entrepreneur
You are Entrepreneur, is going to be very hard to succeed. So what do you? You are going to leverage channels like social media because you don't have money to spend on paid ads. Facebook and Google ads keep going up and costly. But social media marketing can be free. 
But there are so many noises and people out there, you are not going to stand out unless you follow this tips.

Tips 1.

The first thing you need to do is to create amazing content. Some people would tell you to create video content, others would tell you podcasting is better, or you need long form content.

Am going to tell you to create a video, podcast or text-based content, am saying peak the content type that you are the best at. If you are the best at something, you would naturally do better.

Tips 2.

The next thing you need to know about social media is, I have tested video, podcast, and text-based content. 

If you want to be popular, when you walk down the street and people recognizes you, videos are going to help more than anything else.

If you want website traffic, I found out that long-form content works better than anything else. It's not just me, even people like "Timothy Ferriss" have found out that long-form content produces more traffic than any other form of content.

Because you do not just get social media traffic, when you create long-form content, you also getting a ton of Google traffic.

Videos and podcast don't rank well on Google, and Google is one of the most popular websites in the world. So you should consider leveraging long-form text-based content.

If you suck at writing this content, you can go to and hire other writers to help write for you. Becuase this content also does extremely well on social media.

Once you have this long-form content, go to buzzumo and type in your keyword, and you would see what is popular, you click on view shares, you would see every single person who shares that article.

How to Stand Out on Social Media as a New Entrepreneur

You want then create a similar article that is better and more in-depth,

For example: If they talk about "10 Ways To Do Something"

You want to discuss the "101 Ways To Do Something"

When you break that down, no one is going to copy you, because it talks too much time to write a 101 ways to do something.

When you go to view shares you see all the people who share the 10 ways to do something, and you want to email them.

Hey David,

I noticed you are linking to XYZ site ( insert link here). I have a similar article that came out, but my covers 1, 2 and 3 that their article didn't.

Feel free to check it out here ( insert link here) and if you like it, share it on your favorite social network.



If you continue doing that, you can get thousands of social shares.

You can go to and you would find people who can send out those email on your behave.

Tips 3

If you want to be popular on the social web, you have to participate consistently. 

As Entrepreneur if you are not there consistently you are not going to do well.

Am not talking about just posting content consistently, am talking about posting comment consistently. Joining a group, helping others

The helping part is the most important thing, is not about you, social are a community, is about other people, you have to help them out, so make sure that you are out there on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin.


If you follow this tips, you are not going to be popular within a year or 6 months.

You would notice that your account would start claiming in popularity month over month. So as long as you follow this tips, you would become popular on social media.

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