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How to Repair a Cracked Porcelain Sink Or Bathtub

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Have you discovered an unsightly crack in your porcelain sink? Don’t start shopping for a replacement just yet. Repair kits make it easy for anyone to repair a cracked sink or bathtub. The process is simple enough, even with little experience in DIY projects. Keep reading to learn how to fix cracked porcelain.

What You’ll Need:

Porcelain Repair Kit
Compressed Air w/ Straw
Fine Grit Sandpaper
Face Mask
Microfiber Cloth
Cotton Ball
Acetone (or nail polish remover)
Stir sticks (craft or paint)

Step 1: Smooth down edges of cracks

Using fine grit sandpaper, sand down the edges of the crack until they are smooth. Blow away any remaining dust using the straw attachment that comes with the compressed air. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining dust.

Step 2: Clean with acetone and blow dry

After smoothing down the edges, use a cotton ball soaked with acetone (or nail polish remover) to gently wipe down the area. Be sure to let it dry completely.

Step 3: Prepare compound or epoxy in a well ventilated area

Most kits come with a compound that is applied to the area of the crack. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and mix accordingly in an appropriate container. You might need to let the mixture sit before it is ready to use.

Step 4: Apply compound in a well ventilated area

Using a face mask to protect from vapors, apply the compound or epoxy using the applicator provided with the kit. A small fine tip paint brush or nail polish brush will also work. Use a dabbing motion, allowing gravity to work the compound into the crack. if it’s a large crack or chip, you may need to apply the compound in several layers, allowing it to dry between applications until it is even with the surface.

Step 5: Level the Surface

Using a wooden stir stick, flatten out the area and remove any excess compound. Be careful not to take off too much because it will still be sanded down smooth once the compound has had enough time to dry.

Step 6: Sand down smooth

After the compound has had time to dry completely (following kit instructions), use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth down the area until it is flush with the surface of the porcelain.

Step 7: (optional) Paint

For large cracks or chips, it may be necessary to paint the area with a high-gloss paint or glaze to match the shiny surface of the porcelain.

Now that you know how to repair a cracked porcelain tub or sink, don’t be afraid to get started on that bathroom renovation. One small step at a time can lead to a dramatic new bathroom interior. Save money along the way by repairing and reusing the porcelain you already have.

If porcelain is not your favorite material, check out our collection of glass vessel sinks available in our online store. Or if that tub is beyond repair, we also offer a selection of sleek modern bathtubs.

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