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How to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun If You Need Prescription Glasses

Posted on the 15 July 2015 by Opticalh @OpticalH


There is no reason for giving up on a good protection against the sun for people with vision problems. Some alternative options to prescription glasses are presented below:

Using contact lenses with UV filter

contact lenses with UV protection

These contact lenses have blocking UV rays filter which prevent the sun from getting to the cornea. Nevertheless, neither the contact lenses nor the eyelids reduce the excess of light. Therefore, it would be advisable to complement the use of contact lenses as well as of sunglasses in order to have a more comfortable vision and to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.

For those cases, the contact lenses with UV filter provide an additional protection: the direct light passes firstly through the sunglasses and then through the contact lenses while the reflected light –that passes sideways– goes by the contact lenses.

Using prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are indispensable in certain situations such as driving. If the driver has vision problems, he or she will have to have a pair of prescription sunglasses. Another alternative could be one that reduces the light intensity and, at the same time, corrects the vision problem. Nowadays, technological developments in the field allow people to have sunglasses with any type of refraction.

However, it must be taken into account that not all frames are prepared to prescription sunglasses lenses. For instance, wide sunglasses (the wrap-around type) cannot be tested because they are too much bent. So if these lenses are tested, the field of vision will undergo some distortions.

The rest of sunglasses lenses can bear them with problems, with the exceptions of the previous example and some others types. If you want to find the sunglasses that suit you better and that are prepared to prescription sunglasses lenses, Optical H’s webpage provides the tabs Sunglasses > Prescription sunglasses 

Using prescription glasses with sun supplements

Eyeglasses to Sunglasses accesories
The sun supplements are an economical alternative to the prescription sunglasses. The supplements are accessories that are added to the frame of the prescriptive eyewear in order to make them sunglasses.

These supplements have different shapes and colours so they can adapt better to the frame and the needs of the user. Besides there are some special supplements and lenses that filter diverse kinds of light.

Although this is the most economical option, it could not be useful if some preventive measures are not taken because these easy-to-put-and-remove accessories could be deteriorated if the user does not properly keep it when he or she is not using it.

Photochromic prescription eyewear

These types of prescription eyewear have special lenses that react depending on the amount of light they receive. So, the lenses will be practically transparent when the user is inside of a building where the light’s intensity is reduced.

Nonetheless, the lenses will automatically react to any sudden change in light and they will get darker than before when the user goes outside.

Wearing these kinds of eyewear is quite practical since they combine the advantages of eyewear and sunglasses every time it is necessary and without changing of glasses.

You can purchase this type of eyewear in a very easy way: choose the frame of the prescription glasses you like the most, use our lenses wizard and then, among the options that will appear on the screen you must choose the photochromic treatment.

Visual health is the main priority in Optical H, for that reason we are committed to give varied solutions for you to choose the best glasses that suit you. If you have any doubt, contact us without hesitation.

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