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How To Prepare If You Get a Facebook Ban on a Facebook Business Page

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Several years ago I wrote about having more than one administrator for your Facebook page as a safety net on your account. Well, recently 2 million people received a Facebook ban including yours truly.

It happened this past Friday evening all at the same time. Was the Facebook ban intentional or an error? Or could the Facebook ban be part of the Facebook censorship coming down on innocent people? I'm not sure at this point.

Since the Facebook ban happened I want to help YOU prepare in case you become part of a future Facebook ban.

How To Prepare If You Get a Facebook Ban on a Facebook Business Page

Preparing for a Facebook Ban

Yes, you think you are doing everything right on Facebook. But one day you may be caught up in the algorithms and lose access to your Facebook page or group.

I know many of you depend dearly on these for your blog or small business. Many of my Inspire To Thrive readers may remember my story about being banned from Twitter.

These following tips can help you with that as well.

The first thing I would advise is OWNING your own property online. Yes, your own self-hosted blog or website is a must. And be careful of who is hosting it. Do your research!

Why Your Own Website or Blog is Imperative

You cannot rely on any of the social networks today for all your marketing needs. I've said this from day one here on Inspire To Thrive.

I began more than a decade ago with a retail website and then expanded that presence over to social media. I always managed 3 different networks and explored others along the way.

That's how I've been doing it for over 10 years here on Inspire To Thrive. I'm always looking to see what social network is up and coming.

But we must focus more on our own blogs and websites for traffic today. Social media is becoming more fragmented in 2021.

Ryan Biddulph recently mentions something similar in one of his latest blog posts. In the blog post, Ryan claims "Social media is not the enemy but your attachment to social media is the problem."

The bottom line - don't get too attached to any single social media platform and focus more on your own home.

Take Facebook Connections Elsewhere

If you have great friends on Facebook and people that support your blog or business be sure to have their email addresses and or phone numbers.

Connect with others who you work with on Facebook - many bloggers and small businesses help each other on the platform and off.

How To Prepare If You Get a Facebook Ban on a Facebook Business Page

Add More Administrators to Your Facebook Business Pages

You may need more than one other person to manage your page if you get the Facebook ban. Prepare because you may not be able to reach that one other person quickly.

You may need to adjust a post or delete something or add a special sale or an event. However, you will not be able to do that during a Facebook ban.

Prepare Your Facebook Groups for a Facebook Ban

Don't forget your group's administrators too. Plan for a group to get a future ban. Put a plan in place for the group if it becomes banned as well.

Having an email newsletter could help with that. Consider being on another social media platform like MeWe as well. They offer groups just like Facebook.

Build Your Email Newsletter Base

Yes, email is still viable today. It still remains one of the top ways to communicate online with others. This is a fabulous way for you to communicate with others if you get the Facebook ban one day.

How To Prepare If You Get a Facebook Ban on a Facebook Business Page

Have a great sign up form on your own website or blog for readers to subscribe.

According to Neil Patel: "email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing."

RSS Feeds

The good old RSS feeds are also a must today. Call me old fashion but I love the RSS feed features for blogs.

People can subscribe in several different ways and if you using a tool like Triberr to push content out, an RSS feed is an invaluable tool.

So, What Happened Next with the Facebook ban?

Yesterday morning I received a notification from Facebook to confirm myself and the ban was released. Throughout the ban, my scheduled posts from Agorapulse did go out.

Even a few in the Creator Studio were sent out on the pages I manage. I could not respond to any Facebook messages but I could read them. However, I could not directly post on Facebook during the Facebook ban.

So, I conclude be sure to have a scheduling tool for your Facebook page management!

How To Prepare If You Get a Facebook Ban on a Facebook Business Page

Have You Been Banned from Facebook?

I'd love to know if you have experienced the Facebook ban recently or in the past.

Please leave a comment below so we can discuss. I'd love to hear if anyone else was banned on Friday, January 15, 2021. ⬇⬇⬇

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