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How to Photo Retouch Your Pale Shots into Real Black&white; Art

By Artborghi @artborghi

artborghi boost black and white comparison
Let’s say you had a wonderful day on the snow, though without too much sunlight. Most colours in your pictures look like 70s’ toilet paper (pale blue, pale green, pale brown and so on). Pity, you could have had so beautiful shape/contrast silhouette with those black trees, people and white snow background.

It is time to open your photo retouch software and pimp your snow day:

- convert to black and white
- choose maximum whites
- enhance the contrast with blacks
- level blacks and whites up

In this way you get real black and white pictures and not boring shadows of gray. Dare with dark blacks and white whites the more you can and let the atmosphere you enjoyed pop out of your art!

And click here to see other shots we took on our “winter hike” on Uetliberg, the natural terrace on Zurich.

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