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How To Overcome Being A Recovering Workaholic + A Book You Need To Read!

By Cait @caitscozycorner
How To Overcome Being A Recovering Workaholic + A Book You Need To Read!
Have you ever heard that you're a workaholic? Do you constantly put your work before others? I know that I'm super guilty of this and have been most of my adult life. In fact, I really should say this workaholic started when I was in high school because I worked a few part time jobs and still was able to have a social life, make good grades in school and enjoy myself. How the heck did I do that?
In college I was no better. I took about 18 school credits along with 5 ( yes you read that, 5 ) part time jobs. Was I crazy? Probably. There were def a few things I learned over the years and even now as an adult, how I need to stop working so much, and start living. I've began to read "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis and it's so good so far. She talks about her fears, her worries and her embarrassing moments including how she's also a recovering workaholic. Here are some of your helpful tins plus a few of my own too!
1. Make Time For Sleep  - When I tell you that I go to bed at 9pm, you probably think I'm crazy or wonder how I even have the time. I make it a point to turn everything off and get into bed around 9pm so I can get enough sleep. I know that I need to get to bed to feel more productive, especially because I function better with 8 hours!
2. Avoid Talking About Work All The Time  - When I used to work that I used to talk about. Work work work Ugh. How about lessening your time talking about it, especially when you're around friends and family. Your loved ones need to know that they are important to you and by talking about work, they'll begin to feel neglected. Leave work work.
3. Deal With Criticism Positively - When you are so focused on your work, you feel as if you have done everything right, which sometimes can be it hard to accept that you have made a mistake. Instead of getting upset, try to accept with a positive outlook. Having that outlook can help you have better relationships with those from work and all around you.
4. Relax - I know this is much easier said and done but try to do something each night to relax after your long day at work. For me, that simply means just grabbing a great book, a warm tea and settling in for the night to enjoy this cozy moment. For others, it could be a hot bubble bath, a massage or a long talk with a best friend. However you choose to relax, do so!
5. Go To Therapy - For some, this may seem way out of your comfort zone, but I'm super open and honest with you al las you know and I'm here to say for me, therapy has been incredible and extremely helpful when I'm under stress. I've shared a few posts ( HERE ) about going to therapy but believe me when I tell you, it's worth going, sharing your thoughts and making a plan of action to help you in the long run.

How are you overcoming being a workaholic?What are some tips you have? 
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