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How to Improve Conversions in Your Sales and Marketing Results

Posted on the 21 December 2011 by Chrisbrown @ChrisBrown330

Create stronger marketing results with call to action buttonsWhat are you doing on your website to make people want to take that next step in the sales process?

Great marketing creates a clear pathway of the next step to take. 

Justine Grey explains how your sales and marketing results improve when conversion steps meet this point-by-point checklist:

  • It clearly triggers an emotional reaction (I must have that, need it, want it, etc…)
  • It clearly tells someone how to make a purchase (click right here to purchase)
  • It creates some urgency to purchase immediately (offer ends at midnight tonight! Buy now!)
  • It provides incentives or added details that make it impossible to refuse (free shipping!)

To me, a call to action works much better when it has a clear visual with buttons and widgets leading the way to the next step. You can better attract your visitors with call to action buttons.

There are two obvious components for a button. Color and key action words. Use short, clear direction like these:

Now. Sign Up. Add to Cart.  Book Tickets.  Download eBook. Learn More.  Take Tour. Call Today.

What do you do to help your prospects take the RIGHT next step?

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