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How to Give Your Wife the Best Birthday Ever

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

My husband blew me away on my birthday this year. In the past although he has tried to make my day special it normally ended up with me cooking dinner as usual and the day would end up feeling like any other. This year was my nth birthday and to my complete and utter surprise my other half went the whole nine miles and treated me to a day I shall treasure forever.


How to Give Your Wife the Best Birthday Ever

All of my friends were as impressed as I was when I told them about what he had done.  Many complained about their husbands and admitted to feeling slightly neglected on their special days. If you have a wife or girlfriend who has a birthday coming up why not go the extra mile and make her day one to remember. You will get just as much enjoyment out of it as she will, and you will certainly receive some form of reward!

Tips on Making a Birthday Even More Special

  1. Start the day off how you mean to go on. I am not one for leaving surprises too late in the day. Although it is nice to discover you haven’t been forgotten about it can leave you feeling hurt and unloved for an entire day.  If you do have surprises in mind still recognize the fact that it’s her birthday and make her feel special.
  2. A champagne breakfast makes a fantastic impression.   If possible let your wife have a lie in and when she begins to stir bring in a wonderful champagne breakfast for her to wake to.  Some great ideas for the breakfast are smoked salmon, full English or a continental breakfast. Choose quality ingredients and consider getting the kids involved to help. This is the perfect time to give cards and small gifts.
  3. A spot of shopping goes down well. Not all women love to shop but if yours does surprise her by taking her to her favorite shopping center. Treat her to some goodies and pop into a café or pub for a drink and a bite to eat at lunch time.
  4. If you have a girlfriend or wife who wants to do nothing all day rent her favorite movies and let her veg out. Stay with her as she watches her favorite shows and films and treat her to a foot rub.
  5. Take over the household chores for the entire day.  Your wife works so hard all year round for you and the family. This is one day when she really shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Spend the last few hours the night before making the house clean to help you keep on top of things the following day. Do all the chores from the washing up, dusting and vacuuming, cooking the kid’s tea, the laundry and emptying the bins.
  6. Leave the house clean and tidy at the end of the day. Often men will do the bare minimal which means the following day she’ll have to do more than normal to make up for her time off.
  7. In the evening spend time with your family together and consider ordering a take-out or going out for a meal. Plan something you know your partner enjoys so she will remain comfortable all night. If you don’t have children or can get a sitter consider going to the movies or out for a few drinks. This is the time to finish with the best gift you have.

These tips may seem like hard work but the effort will be worth it. Show you care by dedicating all your time to your other half as time is the most precious gift of all.


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