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How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier Food

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier Food


At one time or another we have all been guilty of it, making special meals just for the kids so that they don’t have to eat the “adult” food.

At what point in time did food for kids become different than food for adults? Who made the rule that your kids cereal has to have a picture of a tiger on it and be coated in sugar so that they’ll eat it?

Who says that in order for them to eat macaroni and cheese it has to come out of a blue box that contains powdered cheese?

How did we allow this to happen?

I have no idea, but I think it’s about time we took our kids stomachs back from the marketing companies that are getting rich by appealing to our kids. They are not selling us on their food. They are selling us and our kids on their fun marketing, while packaging it together with highly processed garbage that shouldn’t even be considered food.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that they pay more for marketing their products to us than they do to actually produce the food. Something is wrong here and it’s up to us to fix it.

But how do we go about it…

How Do We Stop Our Kids From Eating Over Processed Garbage?

It’s not going to be easy but you can do it. How do I know? Because you’re not alone.

Countless others have stopped feeding their kids this crap and have put their families back on wholesome, whole food diets.

The next time that you put meatloaf on the table you don’t have to microwave a couple pizzas for the kids. Try letting them know that it’s all you have. They probably won’t eat it. I can almost guarantee it. At first my kids didn’t eat it either.

Our First Breakfast Without A Tiger

Guess what happened the next morning. There was no tiger on the box with sugar coated flakes of corn on the inside. There were bacon and eggs. They didn’t eat that either.

Up until lunch they begged for fruit snacks and cookies to squelch their grumbling stomachs. I handed them each a banana. They ate those but then refused to eat the lunch that I made them.

By dinner they were absolutely starving. Guess what I put out? The meatloaf from the night before. “It’s all we have.” I told them.

And they tried it, begrudgingly but they tried it. They didn’t eat much of it, but this was a step in the right direction. The first step in what I hope will become a new way of eating for my kids.

The author of this article, Scott Jenkins, has two young boys of his own. This is their story about their foray into healthier eating for the whole family. When he’s not trying to stay healthy, he writes for his website about home remodeling where he discusses hot remodeling topics like finding a residential remodeling contractor and self stick carpet tiles.

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