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How to Find the Perfect Home When Moving to Another City

By Adorablehome

Over 40 million Americans (or 13% of Americans) move every single year, mostly for housing-related reasons. But whether you're moving to another city to find a new job or a change in scenery, the process of selling and buying a new home can get complicated quickly without a bit of help.

How to Find the Perfect Home When Moving to Another City

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How to Find a Beautiful Home in a New City

To sell your home, you'll need to find a realtor, list your home, arrange open houses, and take quality photos. To buy a new home in another city, it's in your best interest to follow these steps.

Set Your Priorities Before You Shop

A house isn't just a place where you lay your head at night; it's an investment. Aesthetics are important, but they shouldn't come first before location, the home's size, and the surrounding community. If you have children or a spouse, keep them in the loop and consider their options.

Some people prefer to live in a specific neighborhood because it's conveniently located near school or work. Others may do away with conveniences, as they don't have the budget to live near the city. Either way, knowing your priorities before you shop will help with house-hunting.

Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Let's say you're from Alabama, and you want to move to the biggest city in Texas, Houston. While your Alabama housing agent could theoretically house-hunt in Houston, they can't complete the property's sale. That's because Texas doesn't have reciprocity with other states.

But even if they did, you'd still want a local Houston agent on your side. Not only are they more familiar with the area, but they're also more knowledgeable of the Texas real estate process. To find the best Texas agent, check reviews or ask for referrals from your Alabama housing agent.

Consider Renting an Apartment First

Buying a home is a big decision, and there's no reason you need to rush it. With that said, many homeowners will attempt to find a new home before relocating to avoid storing their furniture or moving twice. In the end, buying a house you're unhappy with is the most expensive option.

Keep in mind that it takes at least five years for a housing investment to make sense. If you discover that you moved to a high-crime area or the house is bleeding money, you may not be able to sell. Renting before you buy gives you a chance to settle in and make a better choice.

Research Your Available Housing Options

If you're absolutely sure you want to buy a home, try to start researching your available options as soon as possible. The first thing you should do is set your budget. A great credit score can lower your interest payments on a mortgage, which may make more homes available to you.

After you've considered your lifestyle, transportation options, local amenities, the community, and the neighborhood's living standards, ask yourself if you're happy with what's on the market. If not, consider waiting a month for new listings or asking your realtor to expand their search.

Try to Visit the New Location in Person

Photos can accurately show off a home's interior or exterior, but they can't give you a sense of the neighborhood or the community. Also, images can't replicate the feeling of being in the house. You have to visit the area in person to be sure you'll enjoy living in this new location.

If you can't see the new area with your own eyes, ask your realtor to record a house tour. Ideally, you'll join as a live guest, so you can ask questions in real time. If possible, get on a video call with your potential neighbors (always get permission before you record someone).

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